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News hardware & software 10 September 2021, 14:14

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Windows 11 Will be Faster and Better Optimized Than its Predecessor

Windows 11 will significantly reduce the use of memory, CPU and disk. So assures Steve Dispensa of Microsoft a month before the release of the new OS.

Less than a month remains until the release of Windows 11, which - as we have known for a long time - will take the form of an update for Windows 10. Microsoft thought it was high time to give another reason to switch to the newer operating system. Steve Dispensa, VP of Enterprise Management, has assured that W11's performance is a significant improvement over its predecessor. As he claims in a new video on YouTube, the new OS will reduce average CPU usage by 37% and memory usage by 32%.

These savings are due, among other things, to a new resource management system that is supposed to much better allocate CPU power and memory depending on the priority of operations. In practice, this will mean that apps running in the background will not slow down the computer as much as in the case of Windows 10. This also applies to the browser - inactive tabs will be able to be "put to sleep" so as not to consume system resources.

Dispensa also highlighted the emphasis on quick waking up the system from sleep. The aforementioned priority system is supposed to speed up the "waking up" of the computer by 25%, and on machines equipped with 8th-generation Intel processors or later, Windows 11 is supposed to return to operation almost instantly. No mention was made of how this will work with AMD CPUs. Dispensa did add, however, that W11 will also reduce the load on the disk, which translates to lower power consumption (read: longer battery life) and increased longevity.

That's not the only news that's supposed to encourage undecided users to switch to the new Windows. W11 will introduce visual changes (e.g. a new Start menu and a more advanced dark mode), support for mobile apps (although not on launch) and DirectStorage function, which will enable us to take full advantage of the power of NVMe SSD drives. Windows 11 will launch on October 5 as an update for W10 and only then will we find out the true scale and significance of the promised changes.

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