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News guides 26 June 2024, 03:17

author: Olga Fiszer

Winter Invasion Guide in Aska, Tips on How to Prepare and Survive

In ASKA, the Winter Invasion can be challenging if you're not adequately prepared. Keep reading to learn how to get ready for the enemy raid.

Source: ASKA; developer: Sand Sailor Studio

Winter in ASKA bites hard. Plummeting temperatures and dwindling food stores will test your Viking resolve. Stock up on supplies, build roaring fires, and prepare for the harshest challenge: the Winter Invasion. This guide will help you survive the raid and prepare your village for the battle.

The Winter Invasion in Aska – How to Prepare and Survive

In ASKA, winter, like other seasons, lasts 10 in game days. Here are some tips for overcoming the harsh weather and the invasion:

  1. Prioritize food resources. Harvest crops and maximize your food storage. Experiment with recipes while cooking. Combine 1 meat with 3 vegetables and 4 liters of water to create multiple stews. Adding onions or garlic to the meal will give you healing bonus – these vegetables always offer a stronger healing boost when cooked. While hunting remains an option during winter, it might not be enough to sustain your village throughout the tough season.
  2. Make sure to have enough shelter for every villager, provide multiple fire sources to warm them up, and keep it burning all the time. Stock up on firewood beforehand. Don’t forget to make appropriate winter clothing to protect them from the cold.
  3. Train your tribe members in barracks and archery range before the invasion and equip them with proper weapons and armor to defend the village. Prepare some healing items like food with garlic or onion, and energy-boosting provisions like Berries Kompot.
  4. For the first invasions you don’t really need fortifications. You'll receive a notification about the incoming raid, giving you enough time to locate the portal. On the day of the attack, you and your warriors (or friends, if playing co-op) can simply wait by the portal for the enemies to spawn.
  5. The invasion will consist of several waves, each containing 3 or 4 enemies. Expect some ranged weapon skeletons and one primary adversary known as the Follower in each wave. Prioritize defeating the smaller enemies first, then focus on the main foe. Once you have vanquished the final wave, you will receive the message, 'Victory! The Winter Invasion has been repelled!'.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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