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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks

Here you will find useful tips that will help you in the early stages of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. There are some things to know about a given game, especially when it comes to one with a high difficulty level.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you may encounter many difficulties. It belongs to the soulslike subgenre, which is known for its high entry threshold. But don't worry - this guide will help you with its starting tips.

Change equipment often

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks - picture #1

In Wo Long, weapons or armor will be dropped by opponents very often. Many of them will differ in some primary and secondary stats. Even a small increase in attack points or armor will be significant, so don't get attached to your equipment in the early stages of the game.

Replace it fairly often, and if you do want to upgrade a particular weapon or piece of armor, do so with Legendary items.

Use Spirit wisely

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks - picture #2

Spirit allows you to use powerful spirit attacks that significantly increase your damage and can easily throw your opponent off balance. However, repeated use of them in rapid succession will cause the Spirit gauge to go negative. If that happens, one enemy attack is enough to make you defenseless for a short moment.

If you're using Spirit to activate any buffs with Wizardry Spells, wait until the bar goes back to zero before fighting again.

Parrying attacks is essential

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks - picture #3

The fastest way to defeat more dangerous opponents is to master the art of parrying attacks. Mainly because it will make it easier for you to throw them off balance and quickly fill up your Spirit bar, unlocking the ability to use special moves.

Parrying is also crucial in avoiding critical attacks (the enemy then glows red). A successful counter will cause you to deal a lot of Spirit damage and destroy some armor.

Use the help of NPCs

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks - picture #4

In the game world, you will encounter many NPCs who can join you. They are helpful companions who will fight by your side. If a given mission is too difficult for you, remember that you can summon them while resting at a flag (Reinforcements tab).

For this you will need a consumable called Tiger Seal. You can also use it to summon other players to your world for help.

Eliminate opponents from a distance

In the early stages of the game, you will get access to weapons like a bow or a crossbow. These are deadly tools that are perfect for killing weaker enemies from a distance. Just remember to aim at the head or other visible weak parts of the enemies.

Collect everything you can

Any item can be useful, even the same sword that you have obtained for the tenth time. Mainly because you can then dismantle them at the blacksmith to get crafting materials for other weapons (or their secondary effects).

What's more, you can also sell them while resting at a flag (in the Supplies tab). You can then spend that money to buy, for example, extra arrows and bolts or consumables.

Do not use Fatal Strike right away

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks - picture #5

This is an attack that allows you to deal massive damage to enemies who have been stunned, depleting their Spirit completely. Usually then the enemy will light up red slightly. You can press the Spirit Attack button to perform a Fatal Strike.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Tricks - picture #6

However, before you do that, you can attack the opponent a few more times with regular quick attacks, use Martial Arts or Wizardry Spells. Watch their Spirit meter though. If the bar returns to the center, your chance to deal critical damage will be over. That's why it's worth hitting the enemy twice and then using Fatal Strike.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide

The title is difficult. You will die many times before the end of it. So if you want to be prepared for the upcoming adventure, read more about the game in our guide: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide. You will be able to learn useful tips and mechanics here.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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