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News special offers 06 February 2020, 21:57

author: Michael Kulakowski

Wolfenstein Youngblood and FF XV Soon in Xbox Game Pass on PC and Consoles [Updated]

We have learned about the game titles that will be introduced to Xbox Game Pass on PCs and Xbox One in February. New titles include games such as Final Fantasy XV and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Update: Microsoft has just confirmed the date of introduction of Final Fantasy XV and Wolfenstein: Youngblood to Game Pass on PC. They will appear on February 6, the same day as on the consoles. Additionally, at the same time the beta version of the platform game ScourgeBringer will also be available on PCs. But we still don't know when Death's Gambit will be available for the subscribers. It will most likely be in the middle of the month.

We've learned about the titles of new games, which will be introduced to Xbox Game Pass library in February. This month, a slightly different set of new games will be waiting for subscribers on consoles and PCs. The biggest one is certainly Final Fantasy XV, the latest instalment of the legendary jRPG series. Within two years of the release, the title has been enriched with numerous fixes and free content, which has ironed out a lot of defects and significant flaws of the original. The offered version of the game (Windows or Royal edition) also includes several story DLCs, focusing on characters accompanying the main protagonist.

Final Fantasy XV was released on PCs in 2018.

The second February title is Wolfenstein: Youngblood from last year, a cooperative shooter (also with single-player mode), whose action is set in the Wolfenstein universe. The players take on the role of one of the two daughters of the protagonist of the previous installment, embarking together on an extremely important mission in Nazi-occupied Paris.

Death Squared is also waiting for console players. It is a multiplayer puzzle game focused on close cooperation between all participants of the game. The users play as likeable cubic robots set up on a board made up of colorful blocks. The aim of the game is to lead them through the obstacle-ridden board.

On PC, subscribers will in turn receive Death's Gambit released in 2018. It's a classic two-dimensional action RPG, referring to both early Castlevania titles and hits such as Shadow of the Colossus or Dark Souls.

Xbox Game Pass on consoles - new titles in February:

  1. Final Fantasy XV - from February 6
  2. Wolfenstein: Youngblood - from February 6
  3. Death Squared - from February 13

Xbox Game Pass on PC - new titles in February:

  1. Final Fantasy XV - from February 6
  2. Wolfenstein: Youngblood - from February 6
  3. Death's Gambit - from February 13

The games that will leave the Game Pass library in February:

  1. Disney Epic Mickey 2
  2. Jackbox Party Pack 2
  3. Pumped BMX Pro
  4. Rage
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Game Pass subscription is available in two versions, on PCs and Xbox One family console. After paying for a monthly subscription, the suggested price of which is $4.99 (PC) or $9.99 (consoles), we get the possibility to download dozens of games that are part of the constantly updated library of new and slightly older titles, as well as a discount on shopping in Xbox or Windows Store. Subscribers to Game Pass also receive all the exclusive titles of Microsoft's in-house devteams, such as Ninja Theory and 343 Industries, on the day of their release.

It is worth noting that Game Pass on PC is still formally in beta-test phase (hence the lower price and numerous promotions). Its offer is also poorer compared to the console edition. Importantly, if you want to use Game Pass on both platforms you can decide to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. At the price of $9.99 per month you also get a console Xbox Live Gold subscription.

  1. Xbox Game Pass - official website