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News video games 15 September 2021, 14:14

author: Gacek

World War 3 Before Relaunch - Devs Boast New Character Customization

World War 3 still doesn't have a release date, but the work on the game doesn't stop - the creators have just shown off the new features and details to be introduced.

World War 3 went through quite a bumpy road. At first, it enjoyed considerable popularity, only to lose players in the following months and eventually disappear from Steam. However, in July we heard about the game once again, when the developers announced that they are working very hard on a massive overhaul. At the time, they described the game's direction as "playable realism," which can be seen in the latest videos; The developers are paying a lot of attention to recreating reality and small details. An important gameplay element will be the appearance of characters - the developers boast extensive and detailed options for customizing uniforms.

In the material, the developers emphasize that they wanted to realistically reproduce what a soldier taking part in the conflict presented in the game might look like. The designers even used special 3D scanners, which facilitate the reproduction of the appearance of real-life objects. In the game, we will see accurately recreated uniforms of some military units. The appearance of the equipment will be customizable in many ways - the game will allow us to choose the gloves, trousers, upper garment, or even camouflage pattern.. An important element of the gameplay will also be adjusting the camouflage to the environment to better blend into the background. It is also worth mentioning that users who played in WW3 in early access, will receive exclusive color versions of equipment.

In other video, the developers showed off multiple sections of the Berlin map. The details and the way the familiar locations are recreated look impressive. See for yourself:

Unfortunately, the creators still have not shared the release date, but they assure that in the coming weeks and months we will receive more information about the game. Are you waiting for the relaunch or have you already given up?

World War 3

World War 3

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