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News video games 02 October 2022, 21:19

author: Damian Mista

World War 3's New Beta Experiences Server Issues

World War 3 has switched to free-to-play model as part of an open beta and - unfortunately - faces a number of problems. Many players are unable to join the game after taking an unnaturally long time to download the game files.

September 29 marked the launch of open beta for the online shooter World War 3 by The Farm 51, which switched to free-to-play model. Unfortunately, players wishing to try out the project encountered many problems, which the developers, despite assurances, still have not managed to fix. Users complain primarily about the operation of WW3 launcher and matchmaking.

As they claim, when downloading content using the client, it makes poor use of their connection and takes many hours. Another concern is the error of authorization upon entering the game, which makes it impossible to start playing (it succeeds only after many attempts). It is also difficult to start playing, as searching for matches takes a very long time. Those wanting to check out the game say they have experienced hours of frustration.

WW3 has received numerous negative reviews from users of Steam for the above technical problems. According to the overall score for the last 30 days, at the time of writing, 71% of the 2378 reviews were negative. A noticeable increase occurred on September 30 with the publication of 1085 "red" notes (and 315 "positive"). Today the game received 236 warnings from players and 48 positive reviews so far. Here are sample reviews:

"Endless lobby search simulator. Spent almost 2h and I played on one map for like 5 min."

"First of all, the game uses a launcher that uses state-of-the-art technology from 2005 and downloads the game via peer 2 peer. The effect of this is that 65 GB, which normally on my 500Mbps connection would download in a little over 20 minutes, here takes over 7 hours at a dizzying 2-3 MB/s.[...]."

"Disaster. Downloading 2mb/s, constant errors related to player authorization or other nonsense. Literally the game itself blocks you from playing it."

World War 3

World War 3

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