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News video games 09 May 2022, 14:56

author: Miriam Moszczynska

WoW Community Wants Thrall Back; What Happened to Him?

Players are wondering what is going on with Thrall. The character did not play a big role in the latest expansion to World of Warcraft. Is it time for a change?

Countless heroes have passed through the history of the World of Warcraft universe, and one of them is Thrall, who has apparently been somewhat forgotten by Blizzard. Players have been wondering what's going on with him, since we haven't heard much about the character since Battle for Azertoth.

Who is Thrall?

It should be noted that the character has been present in WoW from the very beginning of the game. His story goes back further than the MMORPG and its expansion. For the first time he appeared in Warcraft III and since then he has been a constant part of the series.

In WoW he is known mainly as the commander of the Horde, who more than once saved his faction from collapse. When Garrosh, the warlord he appointed, lost his mind, Thrall took his power away from him and brought peace.

History came full circle when Sylvanas Windrunner became increasingly involved with the Horde. The orc once again had to step in to stop the chaos that the undead wanted to bring to Azeroth.

What's he doing right now?

Thrall last appeared in the ShadowlandsDLC, where he didn't play much of a role.

As the players recall, the orc has been retired since around the time of Battle for Azeroth, where Thrall, after a long time in hiding with his family, was somehow forced to lead the Horde again (via WoW Wiki Fandom).

"He's been in a soft retirement since cata [the Cataclysm - ed. note]. He shows up does the bare minimum to save reality and then leaves," wrote the author of the post, N7Greenfire.

Should he return?

It is known that it is easier in a series to focus around those characters whose profiles are already well developed. Some say, however, that Thrall's time is running out and Blizzard should think about a new character that could be introduced to Azeroth.

"I'd rather Blizzard puts in retirement all of the named characters, and starts with a new cast. Like, let them all die in the pre-patch for Dragonflight, so we're rid of them," wrote RemtonJDulyak.

"I feel the complete opposite, he should have fully left during Cataclysm and never came back. We see the same characters all the time, every expansion. The game needs to move on, really," wrote Thaeldis.

Dragonflight brings hope?

It is impossible not to mention the upcoming expansion when speaking of introduction of a new character to WoW, which could, in a sense, replace Thrall and start a completely new era.

While we don't yet know the details of the plot of this DLC, it actually seems like a perfect opportunity to introduce some changes.

Moreover, they would be a breath of fresh air and at the same time a pretty good move after the rather unsuccessful presentation of Dracthyr.

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