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News video games 05 December 2022, 13:41

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Wow Gained Best Thing in a Decade, but There's One Problem With It

According to the players, Dragonflight is so far performing much better than the previous WoW expansion. Much of this is due to one new feature that captivated the fans from the get-go.

The launch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was not without some problems, both typical for MMO games, as well as more unusual ones like a ship that went missing (or got stuck) on its way to the Dragon Islands. Nevertheless, fans seem to be pleased with the 9th expansion. Especially with one new feature that players want to see throughout Azeroth.

Flight over the dragon's nest

At first glance, air travel is nothing new in WoW. Flying mounts made their way into the game back in 2007 with the first expansion and have long since faded into obscurity. Not everyone was thrilled with their introduction either, as in their opinion - they somewhat weakened the immersion.

However, it is difficult to find complaints about flying in Dragon Islands. First of all, because the locations in Dragonflight were clearly created from scratch with flying in mind, and the whole system has been greatly expanded. Now we have a separate skill tree, special maneuvers and mount customization options.

This makes dragon flying more interesting and, above all, a lot of fun.Players also appreciated that flying is available from the very beginning. Although the vigor mechanic prevents the first flights from lasting too long.

Nevertheless, it's still a much better solution than the one used for the old (read: expensive and requiring a lot of work) flying mounts. Especially since the vigor points regenerate quickly (even without landing on the ground), and further upgrades enable us to play in the air even longer.

Fans want a dragon invasion in Azeroth

Of course, there are also some complaints, although a part of them obviously jokes rather than actual complaints about dragon flights. Others are basically a reiteration of the complaints against the original flying mounts, i.e. making the world seem smaller in scale and making it difficult for players to admire the details of the locations.

Nonetheless, most players see no problem with either the vigor mechanics or the alleged spoiling of immersion. They like the new flight system so much that some call it the best new feature added to WoW in the last decade.

So it's no surprise that fans want to see flying on dragons from Dragonflight throughout Azeroth, or at least in locations from future expansions.

Wow Gained Best Thing in a Decade, but Theres One Problem With It - picture #1
Players are dreaming of dragon flights not only in the Dragon Islands. Source: Blizzard Entertainment.

Player concerns about the future of this mechanic are not entirely unfounded. WoW expansions have always introduced something new to the game. Only that many of these novelties were developed only within a given expansion. And they were quickly forgotten from the history of Azeroth in subsequent chapters. Suffice it to mention what happened to the artifacts from Legion.

Dragon flight will not end with Dragonflight

However, players probably don't have to worry too much that the new flight system will somehow disappear from Azeroth in the next expansion. A month ago, the developers of WoW talked about the beginning of a new era in the game's history with the release of Dragonflight. In practice, this is supposed to mean, among other things, the creation of expansions with long-term development of the game in mind - both story-wise and in terms of gameplay.

If we take the developer's word for it, we can assume that flying on dragons will not only not disappear, but will even be expanded in subsequent additions.

The bigger problem, as pointed out by some netizens, could be the transfer of this mechanic to other Azeroth locations. For one thing, this would require a major overhaul of virtually the entire world, which would not be an easy task.

On the other hand the developers would have to do something with the old flying mounts, lest they become worthless after the introduction of new, more capable dragons. Nevertheless, the warm reception to the latter means that the developers have reason to seriously consider the move.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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