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News video games 09 March 2022, 22:20

WoW: Shadowlands Finale Disappointed; Final Cutscene Caused Uproar

Players of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands who have managed to complete the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid and defeat the Jailer are unhappy with its finale. The issues was caused by the final cutscene.

Two weeks ago, patch 9.2 (Eternity's End) for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was released. One of the features introduced in the update was the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, which was supposed to end with a clash with the main antagonist of the DLC - a boss known as Zovaal, The Jailer.

This and several other fights were made available only yesterday. Some players were able to tackle them fairly quickly and thus completed Shadowlands. Most of them did not like the cutscene, which they saw in the grand finale. You can watch it below.

For the record, I will point out that the following video and the rest of this post contain spoilers. So if you intend to learn the ending of WoW: Shadowlands on your own, you have been warned.

Source of dissatisfaction

Where did this discontent come from? It turned out that Zovaal, The Jailer betrayed his fellow humans to protect the cosmos from a greater evil that no one else knows about. Meanwhile, all of his actions indicated that he was doing evil purely for selfish reasons.

Cause of dissatisfaction

There might not be anything outrageous about it - just a minor cliffhanger and a preliminary plot twist for the next expansion, which is to be announced April 19 - if it weren't for the fact that Zoval's motivations are deceptively similar to those of Sargeras - the creator and leader of the Burning Legion.

And that's exactly what fans of World of Warcraft have a problem with - they believe that the theme was repeated too explicitly and did not bring anything new to the lore of WoW. Some of them are so disgusted - not to say enraged - by what they've seen that they (probably overreacting a bit) they end their seventeen-year adventure with the game. Many people have referred to Zovaal as "Bargain Bin Sargeras".

Beyond that it's "passable"

It is worth noting at the same time that the overall reception of the new content is positive. Players praise the whole raid, including fights with Jailer and Anduin. So it can be concluded that we are dealing with a case in which the road was more interesting and attractive than the goal at the end of it. Who knows, maybe the plot of Shadowlands will gain in the eyes of the community when the next expansion for WoW launches and gives it a little more context.

Hubert Sledziewski

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