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News hardware & software 29 January 2021, 18:08

author: Milosz Szubert

YouTube's Clip Creation Feature Undergoes Testing

A feature enabling you to create clips from streams and published videos on YouTube is coming. It is currently being tested on a strictly limited number of channels.

  1. The new clip creation feature on YouTube is currently in the testing phase;
  2. You can create up to 60 second-long clips from up to 8 hours of content and streams available on the website;
  3. This option is currently available on selected channels and can be used on PC and mobile devices with Android system.

Have you ever come across an interesting part of a video or stream on YouTube that you wanted to share with your friends? Until now the only official way to do this was to send them the entire video with an appropriate time marker, which could be troublesome with with longer videos. Soon, however, this state of affairs will change. The team responsible for the technical side of YouTube has finally prepared the long-awaited feature for creating clips.

At the time of writing these words this option is not available to the public. As for now it is in the testing phase on a strictly limited number of channels. If you come across one of them, go to any of the videos published on it and find the scissors icon. Click on it and a special tool will open up which you can use to create clips of length between 5 and 60s, title them and then upload to your YouTube account and share on various websites or social platforms. A visual presentation of how to do this can be seen in the gif below:

If you would like to practice creating your own clips, you can do it in the video below. By the way, you will learn some additional information about the discussed functionality.

Unfortunately, this option has several limitations. Clips cannot be cut from streams that are over 8 hours long, live broadcasts without DVR, ongoing premieres or videos marked for children. Moreover, when the original material is deleted, set as private or banned, the clips created on its basis will also stop being available.

Finally, it's worth noting that the clip feature is currently only available on PC and Android mobile devices. It will appear on iOS at a later, unspecified date.

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