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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide

Elementary! Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guide contains full walkthrough for the game: My Story, Mycroft Cases, Police Cases, Cordona Stories and Other Cases. Beginner's Guide, tips for minigames, all secrets and trophies.

Last update: 26 November 2021

Our guide to Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One starts with detailed walkthroughs to both story and side cases, . divided into the following categories: My Story, Cordona Stories, Mycroft Cases, Police Cases, and Other Cases.

Trophies, both standard and the platinum one, are easily attainable, as we have dedicated pages to all achievements appearing in the game. You will know what you have to do and learn the best opportunities to get them.

We have prepared a page with the locations of all secrets available in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, and a separate tips section that should help you get familiarized with the mechanics. .

. Moreover, we described the system requirements, keybinds, accessibility options, language versions, and game length information on a separate page called Appendix. The guide should cover and satisfy all your Sherlock Holmes needs.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Go back to the locations you've already visited - you can go back to them at any time. This way you will check if you have obtained all the items and clues.
  2. Examine your surroundings carefully - there is a huge amount of objects with which you can interact in the game. Each of them will not give you a clue; some are just little things. However, some of them provide important information.
  3. Check all items - most of the items in the game have some sort of secret. When you pick up an object, you can rotate it or focus on individual elements to get as many clues as possible.
  4. Read the journal - it contains a lot of important information about both the game world and individual puzzles.
  5. Focus on specific tasks - the game has an open world in which you will find a lot of distractions. Try to focus on a given task, so you won't lose a thread or valuable information.

You can find more tips for beginners on a separate page: Beginner's guide.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: My Story

Mother's love #1

  1. Hotel

Ghosts of the Past

  1. Seance Room
  2. Murder Case

Mother's Love #2

  1. Cemetery
  2. Family home
  3. Sherlock's room

A Gilded Cage

  1. The crime scene
  2. Elephant escape
  3. Gilden Residence
  4. Boat workshop
  5. Getting a job
  6. Excavations
  7. Finding Goliath

Mother's Love #3

  1. Violet Room

The Muse from Abroad

  1. Art Gallery
  2. The painter's apartment
  3. Search for the pregnant woman
  4. Refugee camp
  5. Neila
  6. Norton and Bernadotti

Mother's Love #4

  1. Cabinet of curiosities

Sacrificial Lamb

  1. Mansion
  2. Police Station

Mother's Love #5

  1. Garden

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Mycroft Cases

  1. Eel Hunting
  2. The Missing Shopkeeper
  3. Love, Death, and Cordona

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Police Cases

  1. The Master of Disguise
  2. Training
  3. The Collie Shangles
  4. Splitting the Loot
  5. What Was Did in the Shadows
  6. The Scapegoat
  7. Plan Bee

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Other Cases

  1. Outside the angle of the eye
  2. Siren Song
  3. Street Magic
  4. String Theory
  5. Iron Coffin

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Cordona Stories

  1. The Tale of the Empty House
  2. Silence Is Golden
  3. The Hand-Me-Down
  4. Flashes of Merriment
  5. The Ghost-Hunter
  6. For the Birds
  7. Pillar of Knives
  8. A Mad Rogue
  9. Treasure Island - Stage 1
  10. Treasure Island - Stage 2
  11. Treasure Island - Stage 3

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Secrets

  1. Treasures
  2. Bandit Lairs

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: FAQ

  1. End of the game - can I keep playing?
  2. Jon - does he affect the ending?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Mini-games

  1. Eavesdropping
  2. Chemical analyses
  3. Reconstructions of events

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Trophies and platinum

Our guide has a description of all the trophies available in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. You can find our trophy guide on the dedicated page: Trophies / Achievements.

The most difficult trophies received separate pages:

  1. Everyone's a Critic
  2. Short Temper
  3. Read It and Weep
  4. Friends in Low Places

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Game's length

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is an open-world production filled with both story and side cases. If you focus only on the story cases, you should be able to complete the game in about 10 hours.

For more information about the game's length, check out Game's length page.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: PC system requirements

  1. Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 3.3 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz
  3. RAM: 12 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 960/Radeon R9 380
  5. Disk space: 28 GB
  6. GPU memory: 4 GB

For more information about the system requirements, check out the System requirements page.

About Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Frogwares
  • publisher: Frogwares
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, PS5, XSX

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