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Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

New spider robes! Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide contains complete walkthrough, beginner's guide and useful tips. Maps, trophies and bosses fights walkthrough. Discover all secrets, unlock costumes and gadgets, solve puzzles and collect all items.

Last update: 16 January 2021

The following guide contains everything you need to know about Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales. You will learn all the basic gameplay mechanics that will help you finish the game and find 100% of the secrets. You will also find a detailed description of all the achievements needed to get the platinum.

The first big section of this guide covers the basics of the game. In this section, you will find useful beginner tips, information on character development, and available difficulty levels. In the FAQ section, we have answered the most frequently asked questions. Further sections contain information about the released editions of the game, the PlayStation 5 update, language versions, and the photo mode. You will also find descriptions of Boss fights and a trophy guide to help you win platinum. In the Suits section, you can read about the available outfits and modifications of Miles' Visor along with their upgrades and gadgets. The second part is a guide, which contains a detailed walkthrough of all the main and side missions.

The third part of the guide covers secrets, collectibles, and side activities - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

The third part of the guide covers secrets, collectibles, and side activities. There, you can read about the location and a very detailed description of all the collectibles such as time capsules, postcards, Underground caches, or sound samples. You will also find information about the Underground hideouts and Roxxon Labs, as well as activities available from the FNSM application. The Tests section describes the Spider-Man training and all its challenges.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Tips for beginners

Below are some of the most important tips for those who are only just beginning their adventure as Spider-Man.

  1. Learning to traverse the city as Spider-Man is essential. Take a moment to swing freely on the web, let go at the right moment and shoot the web again. The tests in the Spider-Man training are unlocked early in the game. Go to the designated locations on the map to practice all Miles' skills.
  2. By engaging in side activities or activities from the FNSM app, you acquire tokens - items necessary to purchase or modify gadgets. Additionally, you can find items necessary to make new suits in the Underground caches.
  3. When you hit your enemies, you fill your venom bar located in the upper left corner of the screen. When the bar turns orange, Miles will be able to use his venom skills. Venom smash, dash, or blast deal a lot of damage and are especially useful when fighting a large group of enemies or during a Boss fight.
  4. When dealing with more enemies, first try to eliminate some of them quietly. Snipers are always more dangerous and often stand alone on nearby roofs or hills.
  5. During a fight, use objects in your environment as well. Such objects will be marked with L1 R1 - throw them at groups of enemies to win the fight faster.
  6. Fighting from above gives you the upper hand. This way, you will not be surrounded by enemies. Press X and then the square to jump and attack your opponent and bring them up in the air. Continue the attack with a combo by pressing the square repeatedly.
  7. If you struggle with the fight, remember that you can change the difficulty level in the game at any time.
  8. Scan your surroundings with R3 - this way you can see your opponents nearby, discover secret passages or even find collectible items. Using the scanner will also remind you of a given objective during a mission.

For more starter tips, see the separate page of our guide: Beginner's guide & Tips.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: All main missions

The main quests in the game come in the following order:

  1. Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters
  2. Parting Gift
  3. New Thwip
  4. We're Here For You
  5. La Nochebuena
  6. Harlem Trains Out Of Service
  7. Reconnecting
  8. Time To Rally
  9. Someone Left The Lights On...
  10. Corporate Espionage
  11. Underground Undercover
  12. Curtain Call
  13. Breaking Through The Noise
  14. Tinker Tailor Spider Spy
  15. Thicker Than Blood
  16. Like Real Scientists
  17. The Battle For Harlem

Spider-Man Miles Morales: All side missions

Side missions in Spider-Man Miles Morales are not required to complete the main storyline, but they can have interesting content and reward you with additional XP, tokens, or even new suits for Miles. The order of completing the quests from the list below is not obligatory.

  1. Looters
  2. Robbers Target Local Biz
  3. Harlem F.E.A.S.T Shut Down
  4. We've Got the Lead!
  5. Back to the Beginning
  6. Matter Up
  7. Final Test
  8. Memory Lane
  9. Cat's Pajamas

Spider-Man Miles Morales: List of all Bosses

As you play through Spider-Man Miles Morales, you will fight several bosses in the game. These fights are obligatory and closely related to the main storyline, so it is impossible to skip them. Below you will find a list of all the bosses that Miles has to defeat.

  1. Rhino
  2. Roxxon Rhino
  3. Prowler
  4. Tinkerer

Spider-Man Miles Morales: All collectibles, activities and items

There are a lot of collectible items to find in Spider-Man Miles Morales. Aside from the collectibles, you can also find the Underground caches hidden all over New York. Inside, you can find elements necessary to make new suits for Miles. Here is a list of things to find:


  1. Underground caches
  2. Time capsules
  3. Sound samples

Laboratories and hideouts

  1. Roxxon Labs
  2. Underground hideouts

Spider-Man training challenges

  1. Combat challenges
  2. Traversal challenges
  3. Stealth challenges

FNSM app

  1. Activities
  2. Crimes

World atlas - maps, locations, activities, and collectibles

  1. Harlem
  2. Upper West Side
  3. Central Park
  4. Upper East Side
  5. Hell's Kitchen
  6. Midtown
  7. Greenwich
  8. Chinatown
  9. Financial District

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Trophies and platinum

In Spider-Man Miles Morales there are 50 trophies to earn. These achievements may involve completing the main story missions, finding collectibles, or performing side activities. Getting platinum in this game is not difficult. It should take you only about 20 hours to complete all the required activities. For more details, see our Trophy guide.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Language versions

Spider-Man Miles Morales, similarly to the previous installment, offers a full translation in some of the most spoken languages. It includes English, Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Hungarian.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Game length

It shouldn't take you too long to complete the Spider-Man Miles Morales main storyline alone. The main plot can be completed even in just a few hours. However, if you want to complete all side missions, find all the items, collectibles, and secrets, you will have to spend from 10 to even 20 hours in the game. You will find more on this subject on a separate page: Game length.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Is this a continuation of the game from 2018?

Spider-Man Miles Morales is a standalone addition to Marvel's Spider-Man released in 2018. It is not a continuation of Peter Parker's adventures. The gameplay focuses on Miles Morales's actions during Peter's absence from New York. This is not typical DLC and you don't need to own Marvel's Spider-Man to play this title. At the beginning of the game, Miles briefly recalls the events from the ending of the previous installment.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: All game editions

Insomniac Games prepared three editions of Spider-Man Miles Morales:

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales Standard Edition for PS4 or PS5

This edition contains the basic version of the game. The PlayStation 4 & 5 editions are priced at 49,99 USD. When you purchase the game for your PS4, you will receive a free upgrade to the new generation of PlayStation.

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition PS5

This edition includes - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide - Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

This edition includes:

  1. Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales
  2. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (digital code)

This edition costs $69.99. Only this edition will get you the Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered game, as it cannot be bought separately.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: The game in a nutshell

Spider-Man Miles Morales is the latest installment of Spider-Man's adventures. This time, instead of focusing on the adventures of Peter Parker, we will play as Miles Morales, whom we have already met in the epilogue of Marvel's Spider-Man from 2018. Miles is a young boy who is only just discovering the possibilities of newly acquired superpowers, and he is trying to use them in the fight to protect New York City from criminals. In addition to Peter Parker's powers, Miles has his own fighting style and a few additional skills, such as temporary invisibility or a venom strike.

In this universe, before leaving New York, the now older Peter Parker asks Miles to replace him as Spider-Man and protect the city during his absence. Our main character moves back to East Harlem with his mother after the tragic death of his father and quickly finds himself in the middle of a war between a high-tech criminal group and an energy corporation.

About Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide

Author : Olga "Hippie" Fiszer for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Insomniac Games
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4, PS5

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