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Valheim: Meadows Guide - resources, opponents Valheim guide, walkthrough

Biomes: Meadows - available raw materials, animals, enemies

Last update: 17 February 2021

On this page of the Valheim guide, you will find information about the Meadows biome. Here you will learn about the resources found in the area. You can also check what kind of opponents you will meet there.

Meadows is the first biome in the game. Since this is the starting point of the whole adventure, Meadows are the safest place on the whole map. You won't find many threats here. However, you will come across a lot of resources that are useful practically throughout the entire game. The exception to this is areas bordering other zones. This is because more powerful opponents can move from them.


Meadows are primarily a source of wood. A total of three tree species can be found in this biome:

  1. Beech – the most common. Provides a source of regular wood (20 units total). You will cut them down with a regular stone axe;
  2. Birch - appears less frequently but is still quite common. You will harvest regular and fine wood from it (a total of 20 units in random proportions). To cut down this type of tree, you need at least a bronze axe;
  3. Oak - a very rare type of tree. It gives you 50 units of common and fine wood (proportions are random). To cut them, down you need at least a bronze axe.
This biome also has stones, flints, mushrooms, raspberries, and dandelions - Valheim: Meadows Guide - resources, opponents - Biomes - Valheim Guide

This biome also has stones, flints, mushrooms, raspberries, and dandelions. You may also occasionally come across copper and tin deposits.

Creatures and animals

There aren't many animal species living in the Meadows. You will mostly encounter passive animals like deer and gulls. You can easily hunt them for meat and skins (or feathers).

However, when it comes to aggressive creatures, their list is as follows:

  1. Boar - an aggressive animal that can be domesticated. Kill them to obtain raw meat, leather scraps, and possibly a trophy;
  2. Neck - lizards that live near the shore. They will attack as soon as you are in their line of sight. Neck is very easy to defeat with even the simplest tools. You can get a tail from them, which can then be eaten;
  3. Greydwarf - a fairly common creature. It uses melee attacks or can throw rocks. They can be easily killed with even a basic stone axe. They drop resin, wood, stone, Greydwarf Eye, and Greydwarf Trophy;
  4. Greyling - a common enemy. It is quite weak and can be easily killed even with bare fists. These enemies drop resin;
  5. Troll - a powerful opponent that can kill with two hits. It is often equipped with a club, and the power of its attack can crush ore and cut down trees. The safest way to fight it is from a distance using a bow. After defeating a troll, you will obtain hide, coins, and possibly a trophy. This creature appears rarely and usually near the border with the Black Forest;
  6. Skeleton - a moderately strong opponent that is encountered near the border with the Black Forest. After killing it, you will obtain bone fragments.
  7. Greydwarf Shaman - a strong opponent that usually moves at night in a group with the regular units. Greydwarf Shaman spits a toxic substance that deals toxic damage for a limited time and can regenerate enemies' health. They drop resin, wood, stone, Greydwarf eyes, and ancient seed;
  8. Greydwarf Brute - A strong melee unit that appears at night. Defeat them using a bow. They drop resin, wood, stone, Greydwarf eyes, and ancient seed.
1 - Valheim: Meadows Guide - resources, opponents - Biomes - Valheim Guide
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