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Vampyr Game Guide

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How to get all trophies in Vampyr? Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

Last update: 08 June 2018

Getting all the achievements in Vampyr isn't an easy task. On this and the next few pages you can find information and hints on how to unlock them all. We have also described a method that will allow you to get all the trophies in one playthrough to save a lot of time.

The most important information about Vampyr trophies

The estimated difficulty level of getting all the trophies - 5-6/10 - In itself, Vampyr isn't a very challenging game but the problems appear when you try to get all of its trophies. Not Even Once is the most problematic trophy because it requires you to beat the game without killing anyone. This makes the game more challenging since Reid can get massive amount of XP by murdering other characters. All of this means that you will get new levels slower. Being at a low level can be especially problematic in fights with bosses or with larger groups of stronger enemies.

Another glaring problem is that many of the trophies found in Vampyr can be missed because you don't get a chance to return to some of the locations or to replay a quest related to certain achievements. Vampyr doesn't have an option to replay chapters and it doesn't allow you to keep playing after completing all the main quests. We recommend you to learn about trophies' requirements before starting the game.

The last important characteristic of Vampyr's trophies is that some of them are mutually exclusive - this makes certain achievements unobtainable during a single playthrough. PC and PS4 versions of the game allow you to "cheat" by manipulating save files (more information at the bottom of this page). In case of the Xbox One version (or when you didn't protect yourself in case of making a bad decision), the only solution is to complete the game again.

The estimated amount of time to complete the game in 100% - At least 40 hours. This value is given on the assumption that you will not be "cheating" and you will decide to finish the game twice. You can shorten this time to about 30 hours by getting some of the trophies by loading older saves.

Number of trophies - 29 - You can get 6 bronze, 17 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum trophy (only on PS4).

Offline trophies - 29

Online trophies - 0 - Vampyr doesn't feature any multiplayer modes.

Does the difficulty level affect the process of obtaining the trophies? - No. Vampyr doesn't feature any options to change its difficulty level. The game can only get more challenging if you purposefully avoid embracing characters in order to get Not Even Once trophy.

Minimum number of required playthroughs - Two. This is the "default" tactic for getting all the achievements. If you play on PC or PS4, you can make backup saves in certain key points and to go back to them after completing more complex activities related to certain moments of the game. Here, one playthrough is sufficient to "platinum" the game.

Getting all the achievements during one playthrough

Important note: The strategy of getting all the achievements described below is only for the PC and the PS4 versions of the game. Only those platforms allow you to copy save files. The Xbox One version of Vampyr requires at least two playthroughs.

The plan is to make backup saves in certain important moments of the game. This allows you to get mutually exclusive trophies. After that you can load an older save file again to continue the game.

In default, Vampyr's save files location on the PC version can be found in the catalogue:


If you can't see this catalogue, use, e.g. TotalCommander application and select the option to display hidden catalogues.

As for the PS4 version, all you have to do is to close Vampyr (if it is currently running), plug an USB drive, open the console settings, move to local saves tab and then copy the saves on the USB drive.

Here are more steps that you have to complete in order to get all the trophies in one playthrough:

  1. Start the game and avoid killing innocents (don't drink their blood!) right from the very beginning. Ignoring this step blocks you from getting Not Even Once trophy. You should also remember to keep all the districts' health status above 50% (give medicines to those who became sick).
  2. Turn the game off after the boat ride in the chapter 1 and make a backup of your current progress.
  3. In the first chapter, you have to reach the place where Clay Cox is. Kill him. This gives you Just Take a Bite trophy.
  4. Turn the game off, delete your current save and upload your previous save file.
  5. Reach the place with Clay Cox again but this time you have to spare him. This gives you Merciful Release trophy.
  6. In the second chapter, spare Dorothy Crane.
  7. In the third chapter, let Sean Hampton to drink your blood.
  8. In the fifth chapter, turn Aloysius Dawson into a vampire (otherwise he will die).
  9. In the fifth chapter, don't kill defeated McCullum.
  10. In the sixth chapter, heal Dr. Swansea with your blood (otherwise he will die).
  11. Reach the point in the sixth chapter where you are about to start the fight with the final boss - The Disaster. Turn the game off and make another backup of your current save. Check our walkthrough if you aren't sure when this fight takes place. You can also make a backup right after starting the sixth chapter.
  12. Do all the optional activities BEFORE you initiate the fight with The Disaster, e.g. collect all the notes and weapons. You may have to be forced to kill certain NPCs but don't worry, you will reload your previous save file. The same goes for the trophies you get for purposefully losing the districts (reaching hostile status).
  13. You should eventually unlock all but three achievements (not counting the platinum trophy) - Unnatural Disaster which requires you to beat the final boss, A Taste For Blood received after finishing the game, and Not Even Once which is unlocked by beating the game without killing anyone. Turn the game off, delete your current save file and upload the previous one.
  14. Complete the game to get the missing trophies + the platinum trophy (PS4).
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