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Vampyr Game Guide by

Vampyr Game Guide

Table of Contents

General tips for Vampyr Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

Last update: 04 June 2018

In this chapter you will find a lot of useful tips for the game, ideal for assimilating at the beginning of your adventure. Vampyr is a difficult game, which often punishes for reckless actions and too early exploration of the map.

1 - General tips for Vampyr - Basics - Vampyr Game Guide

  1. Decide right from the start how you want to finish the game. In the beginning, the game will suggest that you suck blood from the Clay Cox. If you do this, the resident will die and you will gain a lot of experience. However, if you plan to finish the game without killing, refuse and stop the attacks.
  2. It is worth to arm yourself with a strong single-handed weapon and develop endurance. One-handed weapons are fast, allowing you to be mobile in combat, and dealing decent damage. When you arrive at the Pembroke Hospital, at the top of the facility, you will find a surgical hacksaw in one of the rooms. It's a decent weapon - to use it effectively, develop the endurance of Jonathan.
  3. After death, your character will be reborn. Jonathan is an immortal vampire and you will return to life after your death. The game usually takes you back from the battle, but it does save the items and experience you have gained.
2 - General tips for Vampyr - Basics - Vampyr Game Guide
  1. Blood points after hit. As you upgrade your weapon, pay attention to the enhancements that allow you to score blood points after a hit. Strive for these improvements as soon as possible, and you will be able to use your vampire skills all the time in combat.
  2. Collect everything. Collect items from crates, cabinets and even waste bins in the neighborhoods while walking on the streets - every time you can. Let this habit enter your blood - items of this type can be used for crafting. Additionally, the boxes and other lockers are renewable and if you come back to the location in a while, you will be able to get the materials again.
  3. Enemies have a respawn. In Vampyr, enemies are reborn, and if you clear a place, enemies will soon reappear. For fighting you get a little experience, much more valuable are the items gained from enemy's loot.
3 - General tips for Vampyr - Basics - Vampyr Game Guide
  1. Develop autophagy. This is one of the best skills in the game - Jonathan bites himself and is treated with blood sucking. Further development of this skill will allow you to regenerate your combat strength, which helps you play the game a lot.
  2. Resting in bed takes time. If you go to bed and rest, you will be able to use the experience points. On the other hand, the decisions from that night will move on to the next - the health level of the district will change, some characters will disappear, and so on.
  3. The key to fighting is avoidance. Enemies often have very strong attacks and you absolutely must avoid being hit. Keep track of your strength strap - when you're attacking, always leave a little stamina to jump away from your enemy, and so on. If you use everything on the offensive, you will be exposed to a counterattack.
4 - General tips for Vampyr - Basics - Vampyr Game Guide
  1. Hints from residents. When you reach the Pembroke Hospital, you will have the opportunity to talk to the people and get tips about their history. This is very important because a character with all the puzzles discovered will give you a lot more experience while sucking blood. Stay vigilant when talking to people about the dialogues you have discovered - sometimes the dialogues block you from getting new tips.
  2. Find and resolve investigations. During conversations with the NPCs, you will often find out about their problems. Someone has lost their wallet, and another time it is necessary to check who is following the character - this type of task in the game have been described as investigations. These are side tasks, which often give you a decent reward, some experience and unlock more tips about the residents. It is worth trying to do it on an ongoing basis - although some of them may be at a later stage of the game.
5 - General tips for Vampyr - Basics - Vampyr Game Guide
  1. Initially, follow the main storyline. You'll probably be tempted to walk around and explore the city - but soon you may find quite strong enemies. It's best to follow the main plot at first - when you get to Whitechapel you'll be able to afford more freedom.
  2. Do not suck blood from residents unless you have unblocked the hints. If you suck blood from the inhabitants, without knowing their history, you will gain few experience points. It is much better to help them, make them healthy and... then sink into their throats.
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