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Vampyr Game Guide

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Disaster - final boss fight in Vampyr Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

Here’s the page that describes the final duel in Vampyr. It's a rather unusual fight, because in its course you'll have to face two different bosses. Below you will find a description of the fights and tactics that will allow you to easily deal with this last big threat in the game.

Last update: 19 June 2018

Boss level: Harriet - 35, Avatar - scales to your level.

When?: Chapter 5, finale of the "Guinea Pig" quest

Difficulty: 6/10

Battle #1 - Disaster Harriet

1 - Disaster - final boss fight in Vampyr - Bosses - Vampyr Game Guide
  1. The first battle is a duel with the transformed Harriet Jones. The woman possesses a mutated arm, similar to Doris Fletcher. The boss also has the same attacks - she attacks from a distance using the long arm.
  2. After each arm attack, the woman is vulnerable for a moment. This is a great moment for approaching her and landing a few blows. Harriet is also not very resistant to firearms - but keep in mind that you have one more boss fight scheduled shortly.
  3. Harriet will create gas clouds, which must be avoided. Standing inside will cause you to lose health, so try to draw the boss away from the dangerous area.
  4. The whole duel boils down to the following strategy: wait for the woman's attack, dodge, approach, land a few blows, jump back. This way, you can deal with your enemy quickly.

Battle #2 - Red Queen s Avatar

2 - Disaster - final boss fight in Vampyr - Bosses - Vampyr Game Guide
  1. Time for the second boss, Red Queen's Avatar. This enemy is quite easy to defeat. The boss is sluggish, its attacks are slow and lack power.
  2. The Avatar creates explosions on earth, summonses blood clones and its attacks work in short range. In fact, it is very easy to avoid them, and even if they somehow do land on your character, they deal relatively little damage.
  3. The only problem can be the large pool of health the boss possesses. It is best to attack the Avatar when it summons blood clones. During this action the boss stands still for a few seconds and becomes an easy target.
  4. Occasionally, your opponent will rise into the air and attack by slamming into the ground. Just like with the previous attacks, it's very easy to avoid getting hit with this one.
  5. It's an easy fight - if you've managed to cope with the challenges of the game so far, you'll be able to do it without any problems. If you want to assure your victory, try to keep as much ammunition as possible to fight the Red Queen's Avatar.
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