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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide by

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide

Table of Contents

AC Odyssey: List of all side quests Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough

Last update: 22 December 2022

In this section of Assassin's Creed Odyssey solution, you will learn how to complete all side quests included in the game. For easier use, all optional quests are ranked according to their location and precisely marked on the map of the game area. In addition to a detailed walkthrough for each quest, you will also find information about the number of XP points awarded for their completion, the requirements for activating the quest and the level of experience suggested by the game, needed for a swift pass through side quests.

List of side quests in Assassin's Creed Odyssey:

Kephallonia Islands Side Quests:

  1. Hungry Gods
  2. Merciful Gods
  3. A Ship Came Sailing
  4. The Fight with Talos
  5. In the Footsteps of Gods
  6. Lumbering Along
  7. The Blood Fever
  8. Mercenary Work
  9. Shark the Vagrant
  10. A Small Odyssey

Megaris Side Quests:

  1. Record Sunshine
  2. Happy Hour

Phokis Side Quests:

  1. Pressed for Time
  2. A Specific General

Lokris Side Quests:

  1. Family Values
  2. Confiscated

Abantis Islands (Eubea and Skiros) Side Quests:

  1. Once a Slave...
  2. The Taxman Cometh
  3. Death and Taxes
  4. Sharp Tongue
  5. Blood and Water
  6. Dagger in the Heart
  7. Wasn't born the Kingfisher
  8. The Kingfisher and the robin

Attika Side Quests:

  1. Creating Opportunity
  2. A friend in need...
  3. Heitor's Gonna Hate
  4. For the People
  5. He, who stops
  6. The Liberator
  7. Citizenship Test
  8. Witness Him
  9. Free Speech
  10. On a High Horse
  11. A Life's Worth.

Korinthia Side Quests:

  1. Handle of Care

Argolis Side Quests:

  1. Enough is Enough
  2. Written in Stone
  3. Death comes for Us

Naxos Side Quests:

  1. The Writing's on the Wall

Pirate Islands (Seriphos, Keos and Lestris) Side Quests:

  1. Lost and Found
  2. Making Friends
  3. Heart of Stone
  4. Recruitment Drive
  5. Red in the Werckage
  6. We're Not Thieves
  7. We're Treasure Hunters
  8. Birds of a Feather and Rumored Feather Location
  9. Sacred Vows and Rumored Bracelet Location
  10. She Who Controls the Seas and Rumored Conch Shell Location
  11. Throw the Dice and Pan's Flute
  12. Priceless Treasure quest

Obsidian Islands (Hydrea and Melos) Side Quests:

  1. Sparring with Roxana
  2. Archery Practice
  3. Foot Race
  4. Call to Arms i The Great Contender

Silver Islands (Delos and Mykonos) Side Quests:

  1. The Sokratic Method
  2. "M" for Murder
  3. Goddess of the Hunt
  4. The Thaletas Way
  5. Paint the Sand Red

Southern Sporades (Kos and Samos) Side Quests:

  1. A Business Opportunity
  2. Old Friends, Old Problems
  3. Farm in Flames

Messara Side Quests:

  1. Civil Unrest
  2. Say That Again!
  3. The Lost Arkalochori Axe
  4. Catch and Release
  5. Flowers for the Dead
  6. Myths and Minotaurs
  7. Minotaurs and People
  8. He waits
  9. Bare It All
  10. It's Complicated
  11. Gortyn Out of Hand
  12. Revenge Served Cold

Pephka Side Quests Side Quests:

  1. Minotour de Force
  2. What Lies Below the Surface
  3. No more bull
  4. Bravely Ran Away
  5. The Grand Minotaur

Kythera Island Side Quests:

  1. I, Diona
  2. Purple Pain
  3. By the Fates
  4. Idiot hunt
  5. Takes Drachmae to Make Drachmae
  6. A God Among Men, Left to Dye and Stairway to Olympos

Lesbos Island Side Quests:

  1. Revenge of the Wolf
  2. Shroud of the Bear
  3. Qamra, Medicine Woman
  4. The Elixir
  5. Waiting for Galarnos
  6. Son of a Fisherman

Lakonia Side Quests:

  1. Ambition
  2. Training Days
  3. Brothers in Arms
  4. Not My Mother's Daughter
  5. A Godless Blight
  6. Sacred Favors
  7. A Treasury of Legends

Achaia Side Quests:

  1. The Dunce Conundrum
  2. Another Kind of Poetry

Volcanic Islands (Thassos and Lemnos) Side Quests:

  1. Tough Love
  2. Have You Seen My Mikoss?
  3. Retribution

Chios Island Side Quests:

  1. Clothes Make the Daughter
  2. Hostage Situation
  3. Chip on Your Shoulder

Elis Side Quests:

  1. Kallipateira
  2. Throwing the Bet
  3. The Drachmae of Romance
  4. Gutter Runner
  5. The Message, the Stick, and the Artist
  6. Art Leading Life
  7. Journey's End

Treasure hunting for Xenia (Keos island) Side Quests:

  1. Golden Feather of Ajax
  2. Makedonian Bracelet
  3. Triton's Shell of the Tides

Free DLC

  1. A Brother's Seduction
  2. The Show Must Go On
  3. Divine Intervention
  4. The Image of Faith
  5. A Poet's Legacy
  6. A Friend worth dying for
  7. One really, really bad day
  8. Every Story Has An Ending
  9. Old Flames Burn Brighter
  10. Socrates' Trial
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