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Control Guide

Control Guide

To find some sense in madness Game Guide is a powerful compendium of knowledge that will help you discover all the secrets, solve puzzles, defeat difficult bosses and complete the game in 100%.

Last update: 07 July 2021

The initial chapters of our guide to Control contain a comprehensive description of most important game basics and game mechanics. You will learn more about character development, combat mechanics, and even how to use the paranormal skills of main heroine. We described the most important abilities of Jesse Faden - launch (telekinesis), shield, seize, levitation. Also, we described the heroine's weapons - Spin, Shatter, Grip, Pierce. You will learn how to use weapon and personal modifications to deal with any situation in the game.

In the following sections we have described how to develop the heroine, gain source points, or perform additional tasks, the so-called board countermeasures. These additional challenges will speed up your source acquisition and help you to strengthen your heroine faster. In our guide you will find a set of starting tips and information that may help you complete the game. The following chapters in the FAQ section answer the most frequently asked questions related to this title.

The following pages of the guide contain a detailed walkthrough of all missions available in the game. In Control you'll find 10 expanded story missions - many of these are full of puzzles and difficult fights. Fortunately, as you progress, your heroine becomes stronger and is able to control her powers. In the game you will find 10 story missions related with the main plot: Welcome to the Oldest House, Unknown Caller, Directorial Override, Take Control, Polaris, Finnish Tango, The Face of the Enemy, My brother's keeper, Threshold, Old boy's club.

Of course, we have also prepared a full list and detail description of all side missions. Additional tasks are hidden and often require finding an appropriate note or are commissioned during a conversation with a NPC. Many of the tasks are really difficult and lead to an optional fight with a tough boss. Sometimes they even force you to explore vast area of specific location in search of, for example, mold or infected enemies. Here are the side tasks in the game: What a mess: clear the clog, A captive audience, Fridge duty, Old friends, Old growth, Self-reflection, A good defense, What a mess: talk to the plants, What a mess: clear the mold, What a mess: even more mold, A merry chase, Mold removal, What a mess: burn the trash.

In addition, we've isolated the most difficult puzzles in the game and presented them in a separate section to facilitate navigation while searching for description of problematic moments that occur in the game. This way, you can quickly solve any puzzle and continue the story of Jesse Faden. In our guide, you will also find a list and description of all boss fights available in the game. Many of them are optional battles and require completion of side missions - but be careful, the difficulty of additional bosses is really high!

We conclude our guidebook with a trophy guide, which contains a detailed description of all trophies (achievements) of the game, which may help you in obtaining a platinum on PS4. As we have found out - it's not that hard to get in comparison to other titles.

Control: Beginner's guide

Below we have listed a few starting tips that should be especially useful to those who have just started playing the game. More tips and hints on the Starting tips page as well as in the Basics chapter.

  1. Don't try to get everywhere right from the start. Control resembles metroidvania games in some elements - there are many locations that are initially inaccessible. The main reason for that is lack of certain powers (e.g. levitation) or access cards. Memorize these places and return to them once you get the right skill/item.
  2. Enemies you attack drop health - collect it to heal yourself. This is very important to keep Jesse alive. However, don't take unnecessary risk by going after a health orb left in the open area.
  3. Be on the move at all times and hide behind indestructible covers. This is especially useful when you are waiting for the weapons and skills to recharge. Besides that, you can also plan your next move or wait for the stronger enemies to stop attacking.
  4. Focus on developing Launch from the beginning of the game. This is the most universal offensive ability. With it, you will be able to damage the majority of the enemies. However, don't ignore other skills - almost all of them are useful in combat.
  5. Unlock every checkpoint - usually, you will have to defeat the nearby enemies. Checkpoints allow you to, e.g. heal, use fast travel, buy new skills or craft modifications.
  6. Don't forget about the side quests.The main reason to do them is to get skill points. Some side quests also have unique rewards like new powers for Jesse. However, watch out for side missions in which you have to defeat bosses - they can be too powerful for an underdeveloped heroine.

Control: All main missions

Below you can find the list of all main missions in the game. You unlock them one after another. All main missions have dedicated walkthroughs in our guide.

  1. Welcome to the Oldest House
  2. Unknown Caller
  3. Directorial Override
  4. Old Boy's Club
  5. Threshold
  6. My  Brother's Keeper
  7. The Face of the Enemy
  8. Finnish Tango
  9. Polaris
  10. Take Control

Control also has and endgame phase - you can do the optional activities after completing the main story (including The Foundation and AWE story DLCs).

Control: All side missions

Below you can find the list of all side missions available in the basic version of Control. Side quests can be received from NPCs, notice boards, or activated by reaching specific locations. Each of the side missions has a walkthrough in our guide.

  1. What a Mess: Clear the Clog
  2. A Captive Audience
  3. Fridge Duty
  4. Langston's Runaways
  5. Old Friends
  6. Old Growth
  7. Self-Reflection
  8. Good Defense
  9. What a Mess: Talk to the Plants
  10. What a Mess: Clear the Mold
  11. What a Mess: Even More Mold 
  12. A Merry Chase
  13. Removing Mold
  14. What a Mess: Burn the Trash
  15. Mr. Tommasi
  16. What a Mess: Take a Break
  17. A Matter of Time
  18. The Enemy Within
  19. Put A Record On

Control: All bosses

Below you can find the list of all main bosses in Control. All of them are encountered during the side missions. During the main missions, you will only face mini-bosses - these enemies aren't challenging. The description of each boss fight has information about the boss's location, attacks and weak spots.

  1. Mr. Tommasi - The first encounter with this boss takes place during the Unknown Caller main mission. However, this fight is rather short and easy. The true fight happens in the Mr. Tommasi side mission.
  2. The Anchor - You fight this boss during The Enemy Within side mission.
  3. Former - This boss is encountered in two side quests. The first fight with the Former takes place during the Fridge Duty side mission. The second is in Langston's Runaways.
  4. Mold-1 - You face this boss during the Old Growth side quest.
  5. esseJ - This fight takes place during the Self-reflection side quest.

Control: The Foundation DLC - missions and secrets

Jesse explores the titular Foundation and tries to find a missing member of the board - Helen Marshall.


  1. The Foundation
  2. The Nail

Side quests

  1. Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform
  2. Pope's Collection
  3. Found Footage


  1. Maneki-neko figurines
  2. Hidden places
  3. Collectibles, Secrets

Control: AWE DLC - missions and secrets

Jesse visits the Investigations Sector and tires to find a mysterious creature kept there. Players can investigate new AWE paranormal activities, including the one from Bright Falls, a town know from Alan Wake.


  1. A Dark Place
  2. The Third Thing
  3. The Third Thing (Eagle Limited)
  4. It's Happening Again

Side quests & optional missions

  1. Another Fine Mess: Nourish the Plants
  2. Another Fine Mess: Clear the Mold
  3. Another Fine Mess: Burn the Dark
  4. SHUM
  5. Return to Sender
  6. Gerbil Took the Top Head
  7. Dead in the Tracks


  1. Hidden places and clock

Control: Most difficult puzzles

During your time with Control, you will come across more challenging puzzles like, e.g. avoiding a specific enemy or interacting with elements of the environment. The more complicated puzzles are described both in the walkthrough and the Puzzles chapter:

  1. Black beast locked in Parapsychology - We inform how to avoid the invulnerable monster from the Old Boy's Club and trap it.
  2. The terminals in the HRA Lab - We inform how to use the five papers with symbols near the 5 terminals found during the Old Boy's Club main mission.
  3. The mirror puzzle - We inform how to set the door in the left and right side of the chamber found during Self-reflection side mission.
  4. Luck and Probability room puzzle - We inform about the correct order of interacting with the objects from this location and show how to get a golden suit for Jesse.
  5. TVs and Furnace Room - We inform where to find 6 TVs, how to move them to the Furnace Room, and what is the reward for throwing the TVs into the furnace.

Control: FAQ

The FAQ chapter contains answers to many questions regarding various elements of the game. The most important pages of this chapter are:

  1. Blocked areas and locations - how to get to them? - The inaccessible places and locations can be, e.g. high ledges, areas with Mold, or passages that require a specific access card.
  2. Which modifications are the best? -  We have prepared our recommendations for the most helpful weapon and character modifications.
  3. How to unlock new weapons and improve them? - Learn about the available weapons, how to get them and why to upgrade the weapons.
  4. How to earn skill points? - We inform how to get skill points. You will also learn how to unlock every basic skill.
  5. How long to beat Control? - We provide various times for completing the main storyline, finishing all the side quests and finding all secrets.
  6. How to get to Panopticon? - This is one of the larger locations in the game. Read this page to learn how much progress in the main storyline you need to make and where to find the passage to Panopticon.
  7. What skills to develop first? - We have listed our recommended skills that are worth buying first to make Jesse stronger.
  8. How to unlock new abilities? - Learn when you can unlock new skills for the heroine, e.g. levitation, shield, or evade.
  9. Can you play after completing the story? - This is important page for those who want to complete the game in 100%, that is do all the side missions and discover all secrets.

Control: Guide

Basics and Secrets and puzzles chapters have numerous tips that should help you learn the basics of the gameplay mechanics and explore this peculiar world.

  1. Astral constructs - Learn what these astral constructs are, how to make new weapons and modifications.
  2. Board countermeasures and Alerts - We explain how to complete the challenges and the randomly generated quests.
  3. Fast travel - Check out how and when you can start using fast travel in Control.
  4. Combat and game world - This page contains general information about the combat and exploration of the Oldest House.
  5. Hidden locations - This page has a few examples of hidden locations. Find them to get additional skill points and get closer to the platinum trophy.
  6. Collectibles - This page shows various types of collectibles found in Control and explains whether you have to get them all to unlock the platinum trophy.
  7. Costumes to unlock - This page lists all outfits for Jesse.
  8. Expeditions - An optional mode added with one of the post-launch updates. Each expedition is a series of challenging fights that offers valuable rewards.

Control: Game Editions

Control can be purchased as a pre-order and is being offered in various editions. Interestingly, the content of these packages depends on your gaming platform. Below you will find description of every edition and its content.

Standard Edition

When released

PS 4

Xbox One and PC

Before the release

Tactical response gear (outfit) and crafting resources pack, control avatar (Digital version only), The Shifting Place dynamic theme (Digital version only)

Tactical response gear and crafting resources pack

Launch day release

Rare service weapon mod, rare player mod, astral dive suit (outfit), "The Explorer" static theme, "The Black Rock Quarry" static theme


Deluxe Edition

When released

PS 4

Xbox One and PC

Before the release

Content of Standard Edition

Content of Standard Edition

Launch day release

Content of standard edition and a side mission called "Isolation" (digital version only), urban response gear (outfit, digital version only), 2 add-ons - The Foundation and AWE (digital version only), Futureart exclusive metal packaging (retail exclusive physical only), 5x artcards (retail exclusive physical only)

Future-art exclusive metal packaging (retail exclusive physical only), 5x artcards (retail exclusive physical only)

Ultimate Edition

Control Ultimate Edition was announced on August 2020 - Control Guide

Control Ultimate Edition was announced on August 2020. We have listed its most important content:

  1. Besides the basic version of the game, Ultimate Edition also comes with two story expansions - The Foundation and AWE. You won't have to buy a separate season pass.
  2. Ultimate Edition will be released on: August 27th, 2020 - PC Steam, September 10th, 2020 - PC Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One, end of 2020 - PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  3. The PS5 and Xbox Series X version of Control will only be available in the Ultimate Edition.
  4. Important news is that the Ultimate Edition is the only version that gives PS4 and Xbox One owners a free upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X version.

Control: PC system requirements

Below you can find the minimum PC requirements for Control. More information on the System Requirements page.

  1. Operating system: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-bit version)
  2. CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD FX 4350
  3. RAM: 8 GB RAM
  4. GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
  5. DirectX: version 11

Control: Controls

Full controls list on Controls on PC, Controls on PS4 and Controls on Xbox One.



Map - Control Guide


Change of aiming parameters - Control Guide

Change of aiming parameters

Hold - Shield ability - Control Guide

Hold - Shield ability

Weapon aiming - Control Guide

Weapon aiming

Equipment - Control Guide


Game options - Control Guide

Game options

Shoot ability - Control Guide

Shoot ability

The gun shot - Control Guide

The gun shot

Melee / Launch - Control Guide

Melee / Launch

Dodge - Control Guide


One click - change weapons - Control Guide

One click - change weapons. When the enemy is low on health, hold square to possess him.

Jump, levitation - Control Guide

Jump, levitation

Movement - Control Guide


Sprint - Control Guide


Camera movement - Control Guide

Camera movement

Control: Realities of game

The main character of Control is Jesse Faden. When she was young, she had a traumatic event - her brother went missing. Trying to deal with the demons of the past, the woman goes to New York where Federal Bureau of Control has their headquarters. This institution is responsible for the traumatic events that took place in Jesse's past.

However, the woman won't be able to search for truth in peace. During Jesse's visit to the Federal Bureau of Control, the Hiss decide to invade the world. During this invasion, the director of the institution dies. It is now up to Jesse to defend this place. Due to the unusual rituals, she is elected the next director.

Control takes place entirely in one building - The Oldest House. After entering it, you will spend the entire game in that place.

Control: Platinum trophy - is it difficult to unlock?

The platinum trophy in Control isn't difficult. However, you will have to spend 30 or more hours with the game. The most challenging part can be defeating a few tough bosses encountered in the side quests. However, you will be able to use cheats here. You can also go back to these fights after gaining new powers and weapons.

You don't need to find 100% secrets to get the platinum trophy, although you still have to find the majority of them. Luckily, the game has two things that make this easier - you can do all side activities after you are finished with the main storyline, and none of the trophies can be missed. You can get all the trophies during a single playthrough. More information about the trophies/achievements in our trophy guide.

Control: Physical retail edition - does it exist?

The PC version of Control can only be purchased digitally on Steam and Epic Games Store.

As for the console versions, you can choose between a digital and physical version. They are available for all consoles and editions of the game - the original release and Control Ultimate Edition.

Control: Ray-tracing - is it supported?

Yes, the title has support for ray-tracing technology.

Control: Collectibles - are they in the game?

As you go progress the main campaign in Control, you will be able to collect a number of different collectibles. These were divided into six categories:

  1. Case files
  2. Research and recordings
  3. Correspondence
  4. Multimedia
  5. Hotline

More information about the secrets in Control on the Collectibles page.

Control: Character personalisation - is it possible?

Yes, it will. Jessie's appearance can be modified, but these changes are limited only to clothes. You can find details on Costumes to unlock page.

Control: Multiplayer - does the game have it?

No. Control offers only a single-player mode. The game also doesn't have a New Game Plus mode.

About Control Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus & Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal for

Translator : Filip "Mithgandir" Liebert

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Control Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • publisher: 505 Games
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

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