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Doom Eternal Guide

Table of Contents

Doom Eternal: FAQ - frequently asked questions, a list Doom Eternal guide, walkthrough

Last update: 24 March 2020

Below you will find a list of FAQ topics (answers to frequently asked questions) in our Doom Eternal guide. Topics are divided into several different categories e.g. campaign, character development or combat.


  1. How to defeat the Marauders? - We are talking about demons using red shields. We present all of their main attacks and suggest which weapons and fighting techniques you should use to kill them effectively.
  2. How to easily defeat Archvile? - They are the monsters that can summons and send other demons to attack the hero. We show how to find and effectively kill Archvile demons.
  3. Who can be killed with a sword? - We explain when you get the Crucible sword and which demons are best slain with this weapon.
  4. How do I quickly replenish my supplies? - We describe how to recover lost health and armor points, as well as how to restock ammunition.
  5. What are the extra lives and how I can use them? - We show how to get extra lives and when you can use them.
  6. How to get a BFG and when to use it? - We present the location of the BFG 9000 and give tips on when best to use this powerful weapon.
  7. Why do demons have a red shield? - We explain the effect of totems respawning the demons and suggest how to destroy them.
  8. Which weapons and upgrades are the best? - We suggest which weapons are best for killing demons and which weapon upgrades are worth getting first.
  9. What is the Sentinel Armor? - We explain when you can get better armor and what effect it has.
  10. Big eyes in Nekravol - how to destroy them? - We suggest how to quickly and efficiently destroy the huge eyes that fire projectiles.
  11. Cacodemons - how to kill them easily? - We present a simple and at the same time very effective technique for eliminating the flying heads.
  12. Grappling hook - how to use it? - We explain how to activate this gadget and what use it has.
  13. How can I die less often? We have prepared a set of quick tips on how you may keep your hero alive.
  14. Missile incoming warning - How to react? We explain what are the missile-incoming alerts and how to behave properly in such situations.

Collectibles and exploration

  1. How to use fast travel? - Learn when fast travel becomes available and how to activate it.
  2. What does the question mark on the map mean? - We explain what the question marks are and how to find them.
  3. How do I get to remote ledges? - We present the main techniques for exploration and completing the platforming sections.
  4. What are the Slayer Gates? - We explain the Slayer Gates, how to open them and what lies beyond.
  5. How to reach the question mark in the Taras Nabad shaft? - We are showing the exact way to get to one of the best-hidden locations in the campaign.
  6. Master of Fasting, how to unlock it? - We explain how to unlock the Master of Fasting trophy.
  7. What are the blue orbs for? - We explain what blue orbs do and when you can find them.
  8. The question mark in the Fortress of Doom - how can I reach it? - We explain how to reach the question marker located on a higher floor of the Fortress of Doom, next to the captain's bridge.


  1. What do I need to know before I start playing? - We have come up with 10 quick tips that you can read before playing the game.
  2. How long does it take to complete Doom Eternal? - We give an indicative length of the campaign and inform what can further increase the time spent with the game.
  3. How do I unlock mission challenges? - We explain when you can start doing mission challenges and how to complete them.
  4. How can I change the character's appearance? - We explain when you can get skins and how to change them.
  5. How I can enable the Classic Weapon View? - We inform how to unlock the classic weapon view where the weapon is in the middle of the screen (purely cosmetic change).
  6. How do I start the photo mode? - We show you how to activate Photo Mode in the options and how to turn it on during the game.
  7. How can I play the classic versions of Doom 1 and Doom 2? We present a list of requirements which are necessary to unlock the two oldest games in the series from the 90s - Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth.
  8. Is there a point of no return? - Read this chapter to learn when returning to the Fortress of Doom becomes impossible.
  9. Why there is a PC in the Fortress of Doom? There are two files on the computer - File 1 and File 2. Initially, there are disabled and File 2 asks you to enter a password.

Character development

  1. How and why should I upgrade weapons? - We explain how to modify weapons and upgrade them further.
  2. How can I increase the hero's stats? - We inform you when you can increase the stats and which parameters should be increased first.
  3. Which runes are the best? - We present our three recommended runes that are worth using throughout the campaign.
  4. Which armor upgrades are the best? - We present our recommendations for the Praetor Suit upgrades that can be obtained with tokens.
  5. Demonic Corruption Meter - What is it? - We explain what the Demonic Corruption bar is and what do you get by filling it.
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