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Doom Eternal Guide

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Doom Eternal: What do I need to know before I start playing? Doom Eternal guide, walkthrough

Last update: 20 March 2020

On this page of our game guide you can find 10 quick tips for all players who want to know more about the main features of Doom Eternal. These are various important things like exploration, combat or secrets, which are worth knowing before you launch a new single player campaign in Doom Eternal.

1 - Doom Eternal: What do I need to know before I start playing? - Campaign - Doom Eternal Guide
  1. Doom Eternal is a more difficult game than its predecessor from 2016 and you shouldn't start a new game on a higher difficulty level. Choosing too high difficulty may force you to repeat most of the fights.
  2. You must attack the monsters in specific ways to renew your supplies. Separate types of attacks are used to regenerate health points, repair armor and to replenish ammo.
  3. There are some completely new skills and moves available in Doom Eternal - Dash, Blood Punch and Flame Belch. Each of them has a different application and can be useful during level exploration or combat.
  4. You can find extra lives and add them to the pool. Having extra lives increases your chances of continuing the game without having to return to the previous checkpoints.
  5. The Marauders are considered as standard type of enemies in the game, but they are still very dangerous. These opponents can be identified by their red shields and have a wide range of attacks.
  6. The Arch-vile demons can summon new monsters and this makes them extremely dangerous. If you notice a red ring around the demons, try to locate the Arch-vile as soon as possible.
  7. There is a fast travel option in Doom Eternal. It allows you to easily return to previous levels in order to find all uncollected secrets. Unfortunately, fast travel feature has some limitations.
  8. The BFG 9000 is an extremely powerful weapon in Doom Eternal. However, the Crucible Blade is also useful in defeating powerful demons. Use the most powerful weapons only when you have to kill the most difficult demons, because the access to these weapons is limited.
  9. There are places on the map where you can take part in secret encounters and battles like Slayer Gates. Joining optional battles is not the best idea when you play the game for the first time - they are quite difficult.
  10. Doom Eternal has complex platform sections and sometimes it may be troublesome to reach distant ledges. Double jump and dash are very helpful, allowing you to stay in the air for a much longer time.
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