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The file Over Powered Mod v.r014 is a modification for Command & Conquer (1995), a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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Over Powered Mod is a mod for OpenRA, created by boolbada.


A mod featuring Ant faction and overpowered units, such as Chrono turrets, Volkov, Super tank, nuclear mig!

Common Changes

Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear weapons (nuke crates, nuke trucks, nuke migs and nuke super weapon) now leave radiation.

Demo Truck

Demo trucks can now be chronoshifted or iron-curtained!


Now costs 3000 as in Kane's Wrath. Also like KW, they don't require Service Depots to build, as in this mod, everything gets blown up pretty easily.

Construction Yard

Construction Yard now provides minimap, as in C&C3. When you undeploy CY into MCV and have no other structures that provide minimap, the radar screen will be gone.

Radar Dome

Also provides minimap, as before. Since CYs also provide minimap, Radar Dome's Fog of War radius is... conditionally buffed. Note that stealth detection range is not increased. To enable the buffed radar sight, "deploy" the radar dome. You need two more advanced power plants to sustain high power mode though.


Run this mod using OpenRA.

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