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Command & Conquer (1995) - Command & Conquer - Combined Arms v.0.4 - Game mod - Download

The file Command & Conquer - Combined Arms v.0.4 is a modification for Command & Conquer (1995), a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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last updateThursday, August 24, 2017


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Command & Conquer - Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA, created by Inqubi.


Experience classic Command & Conquer and Red Alert action combined in one game! Always wondered who would win a fight between the Soviets & GDI? or Allies & NOD? Well wonder no longer! Pick your favourite faction and fight your friends in a classic Westwood Battle Royale!


Classic Factions:Pick from one of the four original factions.





Classic Gameplay:\Combined Arms tries to emulate the game-play of the original games. Elements are taken from both the Westwood version of Red Alert & Tiberium Dawn and feature in the mod.

Some examples are:

Classic Faction Rosters*

Original Unit behaviour (SSM/MLRS/FLame Weapons etc)

Red Alert Style Engineer/Saboteur capture mechanics

Shroud battles with Aircraft unable to scout

Classic Unit strengths/weaknesses & costs*

OpenRA Unit Bounties & Veterancy Removed

New Units & Support Powers:


Both NOD & GDI have been given new Tech centers, Support powers & Navy's to enable them to engage the Allies & Soviets on a level playing field.

Other Additions include:

GDI Airfield & A10,

GDI Ion Prism Tower (Air defence)

NOD Infiltrator, (Detects spies & steals technology)

Allies Spy/Thief reworked,

Soviet APC,

Soviet Frogfoot, (Replaces YAK)

New Art/SFX:

While the majority of the content is taken from either TD or RA, some tasteful new sounds & artwork have been added to enhance the mod.

Some of these include:

NOD faction buildings are sporting a Tiberium Dawn beta colour scheme.

Medics & Mechanics feature Tiberium Sun voices.

New cannon sounds for Ships & Artillery.

New missile trails and explosions.

Ships now have cosmetic radar dishes


Thanks to the OpenRA Dev team (& Westwood) for the epic core game!

Special thanks to:

Reaperr & TDX crew for the APC.

Katzsmile for the UAV.

Allen262 for the RA Beta ships & submarine.

AchromicWhite & Nyerguds from CnCnet for the assorted sprites & cameos.

MigEater from PPM for the original Submarine Voxels.


To run this mod use OpenRA.

Report problems with download to

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