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Essays 06 February 2021, 22:10

author: Karol Laska

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hunting Easter Eggs, Finding References

Did you know that nearly all quests of Cyberpunk 2077 are song titles? Or that the game ridicules Russian presidential elections? In this text, we uncover the secrets of Night City.

Unexpected references to X muse

Terminator 2 – chase

Source: own

In the very center of Santo Domingo, in Arroyo (fans of Fallouta are bound to like it), there are other mysterious corpses lying on the embanked drain road. A dead man, a destroyed robot and a huge truck – without knowing the context, it's a little difficult to figure this one out.

However, this is another nice reference of the creators, this time to the second part of Terminator , namely to the popular chase scene featuring T-800, T-1000 and John Connor. In the film it ended rather happily, because of the spectacular explosion of a vehicle with the antagonist on board. However, CD Projekt RED decided to play with an alternative version of events. The truck is really good, which is not to be said for our brave heroes who bite the dust. At least they left some decent weaponry for us to loot.

Shining – Room 237

Source: SargeThePlayer, YouTube

Do you remember room 237 from Stanley Kubrick's Shining? It is rather associated with macabre and horror as it was a place where young boys were tempted and seduced by a demonic older woman in the bathroom. Nothing pleasant, that's for sure. Right at the beginning of Cyberpunk, when completing "The Rescue" job with Jackie, we have to break through the apartment number 1237 (full of gangsters) in order to save the woman we find in the ... bathtub. Stay calm, she is harmless in contrast to the woman from Kubrick's film. Still, it's hard not to connect the dots and not notice how the creators have amused themselves with the players' expectations.

Passion – cyber poster

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I didn't expect to find a poster of a cyberpunk version of the Passion, a feature film about the life and passion of Jesus Christ, in a city full of erotic and highly controversial ads (it’s hard to miss it). It looks really gloomy and futuristic, because the Son of God is standing in a truly blade-runner-like rain, and the crown of thorns is, if I'm not mistaken, composed of cables and wires. Well, the 2004 version, directed by Mel Gibson, was a slightly more classic representation of the beginnings of the New Testament.


In a side job called "There is a light that never goes out," which we receive at some point in the game from Wakako Okada, we find a converted murderer who thinks he's a modern Messiah. He even wants to record braindance from his own crucifixion so that people can feel his pain and sacrifice for Night City sinners. We can help him in this precedent or keep our distance – regardless of our decision, it is worth praising the creators for their ingenuity, because this mission is quite memorable.

A trip to the Moon – the classic SF

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In 1902 the French illusionist and director Georges Mélies made the first science fiction film in the history of cinematography – A trip to the Moon. It is a pleasure to watch it even today because of its practical special effects. Especially memorable seems to be the stylistic trick, in which the rocket is driven into a destroyed Earth satellite with a human face. It may be that the developers at CDP don't know this masterpiece of silent cinema, but I can't help but think that as soon as I saw the above advertisement at one of the market places in Japantown, I immediately associated it with this aged SF.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

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