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Essays 08 September 2019, 15:10

author: Patrick Manelski

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The Best Addons to World of Warcraft Classic

The premiere of World of Warcraft Classic was a success, as evidenced by the queues to servers. However, you will soon find out that Classic isn't perfect. These 10 mandatory addons will help you enter the brutal world of Blizzard from 15 years ago.

8. Recount

Thanks to Recount, you'll quickly get into complexes.

Recount is one of the must-have addons as it is responsible for tracking the damage dealt by the main character. Initially, this addon for World of Warcraft Classic may seem useless. The original version of the game is less complex, and the characters do not have such an extensive rotation of skills. However, this mod is designed for showing our DPS, that is damage dealt in real-time to a particular enemy. But not just that Recount also tracks the effectiveness of healing, or generating the so-called threat (useful for tanks).

This allows us to check how we perform compared to other participants of dungeon, raids, or simply the members of our team. Simple information is also used to check how our hero copes with a certain set of talents or items, and can be useful for the usual comparison of results.

  1. The Recount addon can be downloaded here.

Recount configuration

Recount is, contrary to appearances, a powerful tool. If you are the leader of a raid, I recommend using its basic version, and not changing any settings. Despite this, we can always decide what data Recount should display. We can eliminate individual sources of damage, if you want to check, ofr example, the share in our DPS of a specific spell. All this is available from a simple interface that directs to more advanced options.

Alternatives to Recount

The best alternative to Recount is called Details! Damage Meter Classic, which works on an identical principle. This addon is more advanced, has separate settings for specific roles, as well as for people who manage the team. Not recommended to novice players.

9. SellJunk

SellJunk will save you a lot of time.

The name of this addon pretty much says it all. SellJunk is a modification that allows you to sell expired and unwanted items with one click. Don't let the simplicity of this addon deceive you this unassuming tool can save you a lot of time. Instead of going through all the backpacks, looking for things to sell, SellJunk will simply do it for you.

It's worth adding that sometimes, you might need to control what SellJunk sells from our backpacks to a vendor. Some items are mandatory to complete quests and tasks while SellJunk distinguishes between quest items and regular ones, so some of them we may be labelled incorrectly, and we might accidentally get rid of them.

  1. The SellJunk addon can be downloaded here.

SellJunka configuration

Since it's very simple, SellJunk doesn't offer extensive configuration options. However, in the settings, we can choose to automatically sell items as soon as we just click on the vendor. I do not recommend this option, however, because we lose control over what we sell. I do not recommend increasing the number of selling items at any time, too. Twelve is the optimal number that allows recovering necessary items in case we accidentally get rid of some. In addition, the options have the ability to add exceptions, that is things that SellJunk will not sell, such as food for Hunter's companion.

Alternatives to SellJunk

SellJunk has no similar alternatives.

World of Warcraft Classic

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