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Essays 08 September 2019, 15:10

author: Patrick Manelski

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The Best Addons to World of Warcraft Classic

The premiere of World of Warcraft Classic was a success, as evidenced by the queues to servers. However, you will soon find out that Classic isn't perfect. These 10 mandatory addons will help you enter the brutal world of Blizzard from 15 years ago.

You can easily play World of Warcraft Classic without any mods. Being developed fifteen years ago, the game can be, however, very challenging. If you want to know how your older mates (maybe even parents?), try running the vanilla game. Nostalgia, however, has its limits, and eventually, you will probably decide to install a few mods and tweaks. What to install exactly, how to do it and how to configure the game? We have prepared for you a list of the most important mods, along with instructions that will make your life easier in Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Classic was launched on August 27. The game generated so much interest that players have a hard time logging in to their servers, and even if they manage, they faced huge queues. However, it's worth the trouble, because WoW Classic will help you awaken memories and experience how we used to play games 15 years ago. If you want to start your adventure in old Azeroth, you might want to get some addons. The addons are a kind of mods. Created by players and changing some aspects of the game, they add new elements that aren't featured in the vanilla, yet can be extremely useful.

For this reason, we have prepared for you the overview of ten most important addons that will make your World of Warcraft Classic experience a whole lot more enjoyable. They are, of course, not mandatory, but they will certainly facilitate gameplay and add some useful features that are missing in the vanilla version of the game.

How to install the addons?

Download the chosen addons for the appropriate version of the game, and then extract them all in the right place:

World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns

All addons should be located in the AddOns folder.

After completing those steps, you should check whether the addons are correctly identified:

  1. Run World of Warcraft Classic;
  2. Then, after logging into your account and after selecting a character, click in the lower left corner on the tab "AddOns";
  3. There, you will find a list of all Addons that were properly installed. Some of them need the "Load out of date AddOns" box to be checked in order to work properly.

How to configure the addons?

If you're already registered in the game, press ESC, then go to the "Interface Options" tab. In the top panel, select "AddOns" here, we can change our addons. However, some of them may be invisible, and for their proper configuration, you will need to use a special shortcut. A description with relevant information will appear next to each addon, however, these are isolated cases.

1. Questie

The Questie addon is responsible for displaying quests in World of Warcraft Classic. In the original version of the game, we didn't have quest objective markers, which would show us where to go, which monsters to kill, and where to get more quests. Instead, you had to read quest description or go online to find solutions.

Questie will help you track objectives of each quest.

Questie does all this for us, pointing to the map all the interesting stuff. With this addon, we'll learn what creatures to hunt, what items are needed to complete the task, and where we'll find more quests.

  1. The Questie addon can be downloaded here.

Questie configuration

Questie is ready to use in default settings. Let's just note that there's a few available options for displaying the quest-related info in the game. For example, not everyone likes the minimap to be riddled with icons, and not everyone likes reading lengthy descriptions of quests. In addition, we can also specify the level cap for the displayed quests. So, we decide whether we want to see quests that are not available to us, or if we prefer to display only those tasks that we can perform. In the case of this addon, we recommend leaving the settings as they are the default config works perfectly well.

Alternatives to Questie

If Questie doesn't really do it for you, you can also try ClassicCodex or MonkeyQuest Classic. They work almost identically, but can be less accurate and more convoluted.

World of Warcraft Classic

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