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Essays 07 May 2020, 16:22

author: Radek Wacha

The Best DLCs to The Sims 4 List of Expansions Worth the Money

The Sims have something for everyone. Recently, The Sims 4 was available for free, so the question many of you are probably asking right now is which DLC to get? This article should help you find the best DLC for you.

The publishing model of The Sims series has been somewhat ahead of the times. EA would always release the core game, and then support it with DLCs for years. The Sims 4 were released six years ago, and the game got no less than 27 expansions and DLCs of various sizes since.

That's a hefty number, but if you're only sure about what style play you prefer, you can easily narrow down to the DLC that will suit you. Because that's what Sims are all about doing what you like. Want to create a multi-generational family and play made-up scenarios? No problem! Only interested in building houses and designing interiors? Here's the money cheats have fun. Do you have a god complex, or want to recreate the the world's most notorious kidnappings and serial killers? Get some help!

The best add-ons to The Sims 4:

  1. Seasons
  2. Get to Work
  3. StrangerVille
  4. Vampires
  5. Cats & Dogs
  6. Jungle Adventure
  7. Realm of Magic

The Sims are flexible games where everyone can find something for themselves. - The Best DLCs to The Sims 4  List of Expansions Worth the Money - dokument - 2020-05-07
The Sims are flexible games where everyone can find something for themselves.


The downloadable content in the Sims, as well as in general, is divided into three categories. The largest are substantial extensions that introduce completely new and significant content and mechanics (for example Seasons). Then we have add-ons, which offer smaller novelties, such as new races and special locations (Vampires), or introduce things like growing-up mechanics (Parenthood). And then, we have item packs (Acccessories), which usually unclude furniture, clothes, and utilities Perfect Patio Stuff, Vintage Glamour). Of course, bigger means more expensive, but, at least when it comes to accessories, the decision to not buy is quite easy, as fan-made mods successfully expand the content with smaller items.


  1. Release date: June 22, 2018
  2. DLC type: expansion
  3. Key change: changing weather conditions and the enormity of interactions it entails
  4. New ways to kill sims: freezing, heat stroke, lightning bolt
  5. Consider buying if: you want a crazy Christmas party

Changing weather, seasons, holidays, getting sick it is hard to imagine a life simulator without such basics, but it's even harder to imagine EA not trying to capitalize on that in The Sims . However, if you think Seasons are just a gimmick, think again. This actually is one of the best expansions to The Sims 4, revamping all aspects of the sims lives.

They need warm clothes on cold days, they can celebrate holidays, the gardening is even more extensive, there's Santa, and there even are weather forecasts in TV (not to mention playing around in autumn leaves!) this expansion really makes a lot of changes. Sadists, in turn, get three new deaths related to weather conditions! What more do you need?


Seasons offer several fixed holidays that are equivalent to Christmas, Valentine's, or New Year's, but it also lets you easily design your own holidays. Toast day? Salad day? St. Barbara's? Anniversary of the fall of communism? Take it away!

Death is just an element of life, and growing old isn't enough of a signature for time passing. What is? Why changing seasons, of course. Leaves falling, then snow falling. You change the decor to make it a bit cozier and there, immersion worthy of any video game. When you add to that mandatory sets of new clothes, furniture and items, as well as a radio station with hits such as Hot in Here and Walking on Sunshine in simlish, you get something you just need to have in your collection.

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