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Essays 21 April 2023, 15:28

author: Radek Wacha

The Best Mods to Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord (2023 Update)

Mount and Blade wouldn't be such a popular game if it wasn't for the modding scene. Bannerlord goes the same direction, and you can already find some interesting modifications online. Here's an overview of these, plus a sneak-peak of the upcoming ones.

Detailed Character Creation – New options for character creation

To begin with, we chose a mod that affects one of the first things you do in Bannerlord after starting a new game.

If someone thinks the standard character editor is too limited, they should download the Detailed Character Creation mod as soon as possible. It introduces much more extensive character-creation options. Additional parameters include age, weight and musculature. The mod also adds the ability to change the appearance of companions and NPCs.

The modification remains very popular. Almost 2.5 million people noticed it, of which 900,000 downloaded it.


  1. Download Mod Configuration Menu and the Harmony, ButterLib and UIExtenderEx libraries.
  2. Download the Detailed Character Creation mod.
  3. If you are not using the Vortex mod manager, unzip all packages to the Modules folder located in the main game directory. If you use Vortex, just install it in the program and enable it there.
  4. Start the game and in the launcher move Harmony to the top, followed by ButterLib and UIExtenderEx.
  5. The Mod Configuration Menu and all its sub-modules should be right below them.
  6. Set Detailed Character Creation under all base-game modules.
  7. Launch the game. And done!

Serve as soldier – were you in the army?!

The introduction of this modification should start with a short description of another mod, which was inspired by the creator of Serve as soldier. Freelancer, works only on older versions of the game today and introduces several additional roles, e.g. a caravan guard, a bandit and an ordinary soldier who takes part in battles, gains experience, better equipment and is promoted in the lord's party.

Serve as soldier focuses on the subservient role of the soldier, adding many new features and mechanics, and introducing a lot of changes to the solutions existing in the original. Importantly, the modification works with patch 1.1.1 – unlike Freelancer, it is still updated.

Stepping into the shoes of a subordinate soldier, you can expect, among others: occurrence of random events (currently 7 types), additional perks to combat-related skills and increased healing rate. As you climb up the hierarchy, it will become possible to recruit your won party. In the life of a soldier, there are also various types of combat practices and participation in tournaments. The list of available options doesn't end there. We encourage you to explore them all on your own.


  1. Download Harmony
  2. Download the Serve as soldier mod
  3. Extract the downloaded archives to the Modules folder located in the main game directory.
  4. Activate the mod in the launcher (Harmony in the first position, Serve as soldier can be low).
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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