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Essays 21 April 2023, 15:28

author: Radek Wacha

The Best Mods to Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord (2023 Update)

Mount and Blade wouldn't be such a popular game if it wasn't for the modding scene. Bannerlord goes the same direction, and you can already find some interesting modifications online. Here's an overview of these, plus a sneak-peak of the upcoming ones.

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We waited nearly a decade for a follow-up to Warband. Finally, on March 30, 2020, Bannerlord became available in Early Access. Most fans of Mount & Blade seemed pleased, though it was hard not to ask the question: why ten years? Indeed, some of the announced novelties were missing, and others were not working properly. However, the authors promised that they would gradually provide the missing functions. After the release of the full version, which took place on October 25 last year, we see that they kept their word. That's not the end of the story. The game is still supposed to grow and be patched.

There was something we didn't have to wait for, and that's mods. Days after the Steam release, the game already has a number of improvements, fixes and some new features. What's more, some modders started working even before the game appeared in the Early Access – creating unit trees or models of new items. This resulted in some obvious advancements – Bannerlord aspires to quickly catching up to Warband both in terms of quality and quantity of mods. So, here is a list of the best mods for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.


The list has undergone a thorough reconstruction. We've removed mods that don't work with the latest versions of the game (except for total conversion mods) and added a whole bunch of new ones.


  1. Page 2Detailed Character Creation – new character creation options, Serve as soldier – were you in the army?!
  2. Page 3Battle Mini Map – battlefield preview, Realistic Battle Mod – improved combat
  3. Page 4DismembermentPlus – heads will roll, Calradia at War (Custom Spawns) – new factions and more excitement
  4. Page 5Improved Garrisons – Garrisons now make sense, Captivity Events – life in captivity
  5. Page 6Bannerlord Online – play with friends
  6. Page 7The Long Night – Game of Thrones Total Conversion – mod for Game of Thrones
  7. Page 8Eagle Rising – Dawn of an Empire – Ancient Calradia, The Old Realms – For Warhammer Fans


The mods can be installed exactly the same way as in previous Mount & Blade installments. The contents of the downloaded files should be placed in the Modules folder. Where to find it? Open the directory with Steam installed, then go to "\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord." Now just activate the mod in the game launcher and you're all set. There will be a few exceptions to this general rule, but each modification we described also comes with installation instructions.

The installation of mods can be automated using software called Vortex. You can find instructions on how to do it here.


Be aware that by installing mods, you can damage the game. For safety, make sure you back up your saves. You will find them in "C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves."

Secondly – this list doesn't include fixes. These quickly become obsolete as the developers continue to improve their game on the daily basis. For the exact same reason, installed mods may stop working after installing a patch – if that happens, you have to wait for the author of the mod to bring it up to date. At the time of updating this list, we made sure that all the listed mods are compatible with Update 1.1.1 and/or 1.1.2.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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