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Essays 08 April 2020, 14:06

author: Radek Wacha

The Best Mods to Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade wouldn't be such a popular game if it wasn't for the modding scene. Bannerlord goes the same direction, and you can already find some interesting modifications online. Here's an overview of these, plus a sneak-peak of the upcoming ones.

Best upcoming mods

The mods described above are but a taste of what's to come in the (hopefully near) future. Following the remaining parts of the series, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is intended a great base for preparing complete conversions and overhauls. The announced modifications will take us to completely new universes. Tolkien's Middle-Earth, the world of the Witcher or Westeros from Game of Thrones – these are just a few, more obvious realms we can look forward to visiting.

Kingdoms of Arda – a visit to Middle Earth

The Kingdoms of Arda has been in development even before the release of Bannerlord in Early Access – the creators already have unit development trees, the plot, and models of some items. Where will this mod take us? Nowhere else, but Middle-Earth, known from The Lord of the Rings. It's a safe choice – this is perhaps the most universally recognizable fantasy universe, and at the same time it offers lots of options. The creators promise that we will be able to both aid the Fellowship, or seek to destroy it. In addition, we are going to see new races: orcs, dwarves, trolls, or mummakils, acquire many new types of weapons and armor, and meet heroes known from books and films.


There will be even more mods inspired by Tolkien's universe – that's a given. An example is the mod called Chronicles of Middle Earth, which bets on multi-player role playing.

Monsters’ from Men – beyond the Continent

Fans Andrzej Sapkowski's output can also look forward to its adaptation in the game. Interestingly, the Monsters’ from Men modification will take players not to the Continent, where all of Geralt's adventures took place in books, games, and the show, but to an entirely new land called Zohovar. We can expect to meet Nilfgaardians and people of Skellige. The creators promise expanded mercenary mechanics, and the Notice Boards known from the Witcher games, which will offer contracts for monsters and bandits. Several new races and a system of magic are also expected.


Fans of the Warhammer universe also have something to look forward to. The announced Ghal Maraz is supposed to redesign the quests system, introduce many new units and give the opportunity to meet Karl Franz or Kurt Helborg.

AWOIAF: The Known World – Game of Thrones

There are already several mods announced for Bannerlord that will take us to the land of Westeros. Which one will win in Game of Thrones? The answer is now impossible, but I kind of expect a lot from AWOIAF: the Known World. There's a single reason for that – the mod is created by the same people who gave us A World of Ice and Fire in Warband. Information is so far scarce, but the team's previous accomplishment warrants a big credit of trust.


Inspired by the popular modification to Warband called 1860s Old America, the Old West mod takes us to United States of the late 19th century. There will be New Mexico, Texas and Arizona, the factions will include US Army Cavalry, outlaws, and Native Americans.

Last update: 2020-04-08

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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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