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Farming Simulator 22 Guide

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Farming Simulator 22: Crop comparison and profitability FS 22 guide, tips

On this page of the Farming Simulator 22 guide you will find information about the profitability of crop cultivation and harvesting amounts.

Last update: 24 May 2024

The following page provides a comparison of the different types of crops in Farming Simulator 22. You will learn which plants are most profitable to grow, what crop they generate and how different are their prices upon purchase.

The prices vary depending on the month - this is closely related to the harvest periods - Farming Simulator 22: Crop comparison and profitability - Field work - Farming Simulator 22 Guide
The prices vary depending on the month - this is closely related to the harvest periods

The table below compares the crop profitability:

  1. The highest buying prices are rounded up - the price may fluctuate during a given month, and the price is also affected by the system of supply and demand.
  2. Prices are given for "average" Economic difficulties. They will be several dozen percent higher at a lower difficulty level.
  3. The amount of harvest is given in litres per hectare of field.
  4. Please note that grain also generate straw, which is worth about 1/4 of the price of grain.
  5. Estimated profit = harvest amount x highest price at the selling point.
  6. The amount of harvest is given for the field after full cultivation and fertilizing (the highest possible yield per hectare). Without additional work, you can expect half of the indicated values.

Plant name

Harvest amount (litres per hectare)

Highest price

Estimated profit per hectare


17 000

800EUR (January)

13 600 EUR


19 000

700EUR (January)

13 300 EUR


11 000

1 200EUR (January)

13 200 EUR


16 000

950EUR (January)

15 200 EUR


11 000

1 300EUR (December)

14 300 EUR


9 000

1 800EUR (July)

16 200 EUR


10 000

1 500 EUR (March)

15 000 EUR


18 000

800EUR (January)

14 500 EUR


80 000

350EUR (January)

28 000 EUR



300EUR (January)

33 000 EUR



250EUR (July)

25 000 EUR


10 000

2 500EUR (March)

25 000 EUR



(after processing into silage - 300EUR) (January)

60 000 EUR


16 000

1 303EUR (June)

21 000 EUR


17 000

1 317EUR (May)

22 000 EUR

Aside from the direct profit, you should also take other aspects into account: harvesting speed, machine prices, storage methods, additional use (processing / animal feed). For example: potatoes and beets are one of the most profitable plants, but they can only be stored on the ground, so you also need to account for their loading system (e.g. conveyor belts).

In addition harvesters are used only for harvesting one plant and cost a lot of money. Soybeans, however, even though it's not a profitable crop (neither financially, nor due to the lack of use in processing and breeding), it produces the lowest yields, which are easily stored on a trailer and transported to the selling point. Sunflower with a suitable header is also harvested faster than corn.

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