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Farming Simulator 22 Guide by

Farming Simulator 22 Guide

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Farming Simulator 22: Tips and tricks FS 22 guide, tips

Farming Simulator 22 belongs to the group of games that do not lead the player by the hand. Starting tips indicate how to properly start the game and what to pay attention to in the initial stages of farm development.

Last update: 31 May 2024

Here you will find some starting tips for Farming Simulator 22 to help you make decisions about the purchase of machinery, which plants have first and tips on breeding.

How to choose the initial vehicles?

A good tractor is the basis. As the first vehicle, it is worth choosing a medium tractor with sustainable power. You need at least one vehicle that can handle heavier tasks like plowing or transporting heavy trailers. Pay attention to the option of using attachments, such as handles and weights, and the type of gearbox.

Universal trailer. To begin with, it is worth investing in one of the dump trucks, which do not have a large mass of their own and do not cost too much. Basic models often have the ability to transport almost any type of goods, so you should not focus on specialized trailers right away.

Such a configuration does not make sense, but it is possible. - Farming Simulator 22: Tips and tricks - Basics - Farming Simulator 22 Guide
Such a configuration does not make sense, but it is possible.

Harvesters can use different headers. This does not refer to types depending on the plants harvested. You can easily attach a larger header to the smaller harvester than recommended. This can reduce the speed of work, but this is not always the rule. What matters here are the shape of the terrain and by how much speed decreases - sometimes driving 1km/h less you can still work on the field faster with a larger header.

Quickly start breeding animals

Start with breeding. In order not to get discouraged quickly (monotony or low earnings), it is worth immediately organizing an additional activity, which is animal breeding - it will quickly turn into your main work. However, it is worth breeding something more than chickens... The easy solution is sheep, possibly pigs.

Pigs and cows generate fertiliser. Even if you want to strictly cultivate plants, using fertilizers can be extremely expensive.

Get water from the lakes - Farming Simulator 22: Tips and tricks - Basics - Farming Simulator 22 Guide

Get water from the lakes. Using ponds and lakes is the best idea when you start breeding and need to feed your animals. Using the well will cost you - the higher the difficulty level, the lighter your wallet will become.

Fertilize once

When using natural fertilizers, a single fertilization is sufficient - Farming Simulator 22: Tips and tricks - Basics - Farming Simulator 22 Guide

When using natural fertilizers, a single fertilization is sufficient. You can turn on the option of applying a double dose of fertilizer in your spreader to be able to fertilize the field only once, so that the game treats it as a full fertilization with maximum profit (it works for manure and slurry). Be sure to activate this option - otherwise you are using standard single-dose fertilization.

Natural fertilizers require investment. This is not just about the cost of farm houses and animals. The frequent filling of manure/slurry tanks, which is disappearing at a frantic pace, can be troublesome - hence the need for better fertilization equipment. In addition, spreaders usually require a stronger than average tractor to ensure full operational efficiency.

If you outsource this work, make sure that the option to automatically purchase fertilizer in the game options is disabled.

What to plant in the beginning?

At the beginning of the game, it is best to engage in breeding and grow food for these animals. Sheep or cows initially require only grass (and extra silage for cows), which can be obtained easily, quickly and inexpensively. However, you must include purchases like, e.g. milk/wool trailers or animal trailers (this will pay off quickly). It will always be a good activity, even if it is a side job, when you get used to working with animals, and you will have something to do during the winter.

However, if you prefer to engage in cultivation, a good idea is to use plants such as sunflower or canola. You will earn a lot from them and you can process them into oil to increase profits. At a later stage, it is worth considering the cultivation of plants, from which you will get interesting production lines.

You can also earn a lot of money from growing potatoes or cotton, but this greatly limits your further opportunities for processing or using machines in other agricultural work.

Oats are also a good crop: used in horse breeding, with the possibility of direct sale, processed into flour or sold to breakfast cereals factory - this gives the possibility of quick sale at a good price without the need for storage in silos and waiting for good prices.

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