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Farming Simulator 22 Guide by

Farming Simulator 22 Guide

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Farming Simulator 22: Bees - breeding, tips FS 22 guide, tips

This page of the FS 22 guide describes setting up apiaries and keeping bees.

Last update: 06 December 2021

Here you will learn how to start breeding bees in apiaries, what beehives are available, how to collect honey and where to process it in factories in the game Farming Simulator 22.

Bees have been introduced in Farming Simulator 22. They require little input and all you need to do is purchase the beehives. You can sell the honey directly or use it in a production chain to produce Cereal flakes.

You can place the hives in build mode - Farming Simulator 22: Bees - breeding, tips - Breeding - Farming Simulator 22 Guide

You can place the hives in build mode. There are five types of beehives available - they differ in storage capacity, price and size. Building large hives is the most profitable (the largest beehive is as effective as 33 small ones), because you save space and money - as the size increases, the price per unit decreases. You can place the hives anywhere on your plot, they don't take up much space.

All hive types are compatible. You still have to place the beehive pallet marker where honey that is ready to be collected will appear on the pallets. You can only put one such marker on the map, but honey from all apiaries will appear in it, regardless of the distance from the hives.

  1. Pallets should be lifted with forks - they are not light,
  2. The area is small, you need to remember to regularly empty it / move the pallets to another place.
  3. Bees have the same level of productivity all year round.
  4. Hives don't need to be placed near cultivated fields.

Productivity: 10 beehives will produce 120l of honey per day (one pallet).

Try to put the zone on a level ground - sometimes the pallets might "bug out" and you won't be able to pick them up. This is because when you create the zone, the area doesn't get automatically leveled, as is the case with farm houses or other buildings. You can always remove the zone and build it somewhere else.

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