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Ashes of Creation (PC cover
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Ashes of Creation PC

An MMORPG title set in a fantasy world developed by Interpid Studios, which was established by veteran developers. Ashes of Creation takes us to a fantasy land which experienced a cataclysm a long time ago.

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Ashes of Creation Release Date PC


developer: Intrepid Studios publisher: Intrepid Studios Official website

English language game language: English

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Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG title developed by Interpid Studios, consisting of veteran producers who gathered experience working on games like EverQuest series, Star War Galaxies, PlanetSide 2 and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It debuted on PC and noted its first success even before the release after a very successful campaign on Kickstarter.


Ashes of Creation takes players to a classic fantasy world. Long ago, the land faced an incoming doom that left only remains of civilization. After many years, members of sentient species started to take hold of it again, but their actions awoke the old threat.

Players themselves can affect both politics and economy, thus shaping the story of the game.

Game mechanics

Playing Ashes of Creation starts with creating one’s character. We can choose from eight races, represented by four species with two subspecies each. This affects not only its appearance, but also its specialization – depending on players’ choice the hero will gain special bonuses to some of his statistics. There is also a side class, selected later during the journey from eight archetypes. Thanks to this, it is possible to play as a heavily armored knight with great mastery of offensive magic or as a rogue casting effective healing spells.

One of undoubtedly strong points of the game is the vast and varied world, which constantly reacts to the players’ actions. It is their task to build makeshift settlements that can develop into bigger villages, towns and finally metropolis. This allows players take rule over bigger or smaller land for their base and both act as pioneer on god-forsaken ground who is into agriculture and breeding and as a townsman specializing in blacksmithing, for example. What’s more, there are great strongholds that hundreds of units can fight for. Since there are not that many of them, the player’s priority is to hold the strongholds they have at all cost – castles allow to control more land and unlock access to unique buildings in cities.

Resources are limited and their price depends on the region. Transporting goods requires organizing caravans that are easy target for bandits lurking in the wild. Naturally, Ashes of Creation does not lack non-playable characters, more than eager to give players various quests. Like many other features of the world created by developers, their population depends on many factors, including the players’ actions.

With all that being said, there are things happening without the players’ intervention: seasons change with time, and occasional cataclysms occur, such as volcanic eruptions. Interestingly, long-lasting consequences of such events are permanently saved on a server.

Game modes

PC’s version of Ashes of Creation offers both PvE experience and variants of PvP gameplay. The former comes in form of fights against fantastic beats, with powerful dragons at the top and all controlled by advanced artificial intelligence, which learns the behavior of heroes and adapts to their play style. PvP is represented by cameral duels, but also battles of big scale between fighting factions.

Technical aspects

Another great thing about Ashes of Creation are high quality three-dimensional visuals, with an exceptionally astounding plant life and complex lightning system. Detailed characters’ models also don’t bring any shame to developers.

Last updated on 15 May 2017

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Expectations: 9.6 / 10 based on 559 votes.

Age restrictions Ashes of Creation: 12+

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