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Catan: Console Edition (PS4 cover
Game Box forCatan: Console Edition (PS4)

Catan: Console Edition

A strategy game that is an official adaptation of the board game titled Catan. In Catan: Console Edition, we take on the role of travelers who arrive on a lonely island in search of riches. The game allows you to play solo or in multiplayer mode (locally or over the Internet).

Strategy | Economic | turn-based | Board & card | card games | for 2 people | splitscreen

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Catan: Console Edition is a strategy game, which is an official adaptation of the popular board game titled Catan. It was developed by Dovetail Games studio.


In Catan: Console Edition we play the role of travelers who arrive on a lonely island in search of riches. Upon arrival, the protagonists discover that they were not the first to set foot on this patch of land, and in order to take control of the local resources, they will have to fight a fierce battle for them.

Game mechanics

In Catan: Console Edition we observe the action from a top-down view. Game is played in turn-based mode, on a board covered with a grid of hexagonal fields. Over the course of successive turns, we are primarily concerned with gathering resources, such as ore collected in the high mountains, wood gathered in the forests or wool obtained from the pastures. We use the resources to develop settlements and thus gradually take control of the board. Since the boards are procedurally generated, each game looks different.

Game modes

Catan: Console Edition can be played in single or multiplayer mode. We can play with other players over the Internet or locally, in the company of up to three people. In the latter case, the game connects to our smartphone, on the screen of which we can preview our resources and hidden cards, without revealing them to our opponents.

Technical aspects

Catan: Console Edition features high-quality graphics; the animated game boards and the contents of each field are pleasing to the eye, and the whole thing is kept in a colorful, slightly cartoonish style.

Last updated on 27 January 2023

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1-4  

Age restrictions Catan: Console Edition: Good for all ages.

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