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Game Box for Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks (PC)

Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks PC

The seventh large expansion to Europa Universalis IV, a strategy game released in 2013 by the Paradox studio.

This is Europa Universalis IV expansion pack.

Strategy | Economic | RTS | multiplayer | war strategy | historical

PC / Windows
Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks cover

publisher: Paradox Interactive

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-32

English language game language: English

game release date for PC:


The Cossacks is the seventh large expansion to the Europa Universalis IV game - a real-time strategy in which the gameplay takes place on a global scale in a historical setting. As in the case of all previous expansions and the vanilla version, the Paradox Development Studio is responsible for creating this DLC. The Paradox Development Studio is a development branch of the Swedish company Paradox Interactive, which specializes in strategy games and has many well-recognized brands representing this genre (e.g. Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron).


The title may suggest that in The Cossacks the bulk of changes affect the titular Cossacks - a multi-ethnic group of people who played an important role in the history of Poland during the Europa Universalis IV campaign. In fact, the expansion offers a complete overhaul of the game, developing the gameplay for virtually every faction. The main focus here is on the mechanics of the provinces (Estates) and transferring them to groups of your subordinates, e.g. nobility, clergy or even to the mentioned Cossacks. By giving up part of the revenue from a given area, you can reduce the unrest among the local population or lower the cost of recruiting armies there. However, the estates must be kept in check, as their representatives may grow to be too strong and attempt to overthrow you.

Other, smaller novelties can also be observed, among others, in the sphere of diplomacy. The developers have introduced features which allow you to openly express your attitude towards your neighbours and publicly declare your intentions towards them, as well as the possibility of adopting a policy towards indigenous peoples of discovered lands in colonial nations (e.g. repression policy, trading policy). In espionage, it is now possible to study the technologies of more advanced countries and the option of inspiring the minorities that inhabit the lands of your opponents to fight for their independence has been added. In addition, when governing nomadic peoples, it should now be borne in mind that they are often clusters of tribes that are only truly unified during their looting expeditions.

Technical issues

From a technical point of view Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks practically does not differ from the base version of the game - neither the quality of the graphics design, nor the hardware requirements, etc.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this description.

Game score 8.0 / 10 calculated out of 39 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 8.5 / 10 calculated out of 16 players' votes.  

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GT 8800 or better, 2 GB HDD, Windows Vista/7/8
Minimum: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB GeForce GT 8800/Radeon X1900 or better, 2 GB HDD, Windows Vista/7/8

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