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Game Box for Final Fantasy Anthology (PS1)

Final Fantasy Anthology PS1

Compilation of two classic jRPGs, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, which originally appeared on the Super Nintendo console. Editions placed in Anthology contain some additional elements.

RPG | fantasy | science fiction | package | reeditions/remasters/remakes | jRPG

Sony PlayStation 1
Final Fantasy Anthology cover

developer: Square Soft

publisher: Square Soft

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


Compilation of two classic jRPGs by masters of the genre from the Squaresoft. Final Fantasy Anthology includes Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI with several add-ons for fans of the series.


Final Fantasy V takes place in three fantastic lands that have grown in prosperity over the years thanks to the power of four magical crystals of wind, water, fire and earth. The evil sorcerer Exdeath plans to destroy them and take over the world. He can only be stopped by the four daredevils who were linked by a combination of events, including Princess Lenna from the kingdom of Tycoon, and the hero Bartz Klauser.

Final Fantasy VI tells the story of a conflict between the power-hungry Empire and the rebel faction who describe itself as Returners. The power of the imperial Empire was built to a large extent on the so-called Espers - i.e. magical, semi-divine creatures and the experiments carried out on them. To level the playing field in this uneven fight, Returners also travel the world in search of an equally powerful magical power. For both sides of the conflict, the key to understanding the essence of magic and the Espers turns out to be Terra Branford, who suffers from amnesia - a former member of the imperial army. Unlike the previous installments of the series, Final Fantasy VI is set in a world combining elements of the fantasy and steampunk currents.


Final Fantasy V is another installment of a popular series of jRPGs. The title was originally released on the Super Nintendo console in 1992. In terms of mechanics it is a typical representative of the genre, in which we control a four-person party, traversing the world and fighting in a turn-based system. One of the biggest novelties in the game is the development of a class system, known from the first and third installments of the franchise. At the beginning of the game we have access to only a few of them, but as the game progresses, their number grows to twenty-two. Each of them is developed separately, giving players the opportunity to create characters with different skill combinations.

Final Fantasy VI gameplay follows the typical formula, focusing on exploration and turn-based combat. Up to four heroes can be in the battle party at the same time, who develop their abilities during the game, and, thanks to special magical stones, can learn new spells, allowing them to, for example, summon powerful Espers. This part of the series offers fourteen playable characters, the largest number in the history of the series so far, each of which has theit own motives and a specific set of skills.

Technical aspects

As part of Final Fantasy Anthology, the creators complemented both productions with FMV cut-scenes, playing the roles of intro and outro. In addition, Final Fantasy VI includes a module, in which console owners can get acquainted with the bestiary, rewatch cut-scenes, get acquainted with concept arts or play one of the mini-games.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

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