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Live A Live (Switch cover
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Live A Live Switch


Live A Live is a remake of a 16-bit jRPG that never left Japan. The refreshed version was developed in HD-2D style, combining classic atmosphere with modern realization.

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Live A Live Release Date Switch


developer: Square Enix publisher: Nintendo

English language game language: English

Live A Live is a remake of the classic Japanese RPG, originally released in 1994 for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console, which never had an official English-language version. Both the original and the refreshed edition were developed by Square Enix.


The plot of the game is highly unusual. Live A Live presents the story of eight characters within nine different scenarios. Each of them takes place in different realities. These stories take us to prehistoric times, ancient China, feudal Japan, the Wild West, modern times, the near future and the far future.

These stories can be played out in any order. In each of these scenarios, its protagonist must face the villain known as Odio. After seven triumphs, the eighth chapter, set in the Middle Ages, is unlocked, and after passing it we get access to the last, ninth story, combining the plots of all the previous eight. In it, their characters, torn from their eras, join forces against a common enemy in a final confrontation that will decide the future of the universe.

Game mechanics

In Live A Live all scenarios offer the same gameplay mechanics. So we get classic jRPG, in which we explore the world, complete quests, develop heroes and fight with enemies using turn-based battle system.

At the same time, each story has its own unique mechanics, making the gameplay more varied. Different stories offer, for example, stealth sections, using telepathy to learn additional plot facts or changing systems of initiating skirmishes while exploring the world.

Game modes

The game offers a single player mode only.

Technical aspects

The biggest change in comparison with the original is the new audiovisual setting. The game features attractive graphics combining 2D characters with 3D backgrounds and modern visual effects. The whole thing was realized in HD-2D style, popularized by 2018's Octopath Traveler.

Game mode: single player  

PEGI rating Live A Live

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains bad language. Game depicts nudity and/or sexual behaviour or sexual references. Game contains depictions of violence.
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