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Mewgenics (PC cover
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Mewgenics PC

Mew Genics

Mew Genics is a game simulating the life of an old single woman, for whom the whole world is her cattery. We must take care of the animals, feed them and reproduce them, and participate in exhibitions, while at the same time ensuring that our budget is properly balanced.

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Mewgenics Release Date PC




developer: Edmund McMillen publisher: Edmund McMillen

English language game language: English

Mew Genics is a humorous production developed by Team Meat studio, known from the Super Meat Boy platformer. The action of the game takes place in the home of an elderly and very lonely lady, whose main love is cats. The player's task is to breed these animals, take care of their needs, breed them and exhibit them in competitions. The related expenditure is not small, so it is necessary to manage the budget properly.

The whole gameplay is based on complex mechanisms simulating the behavior and genetics of animals. This is applied not only in reproductive planning (e.g. by passing on the traits and diseases of parents to their offspring), but also in the daily care of our guests. For example, if your cat is attacked while eating, she may become traumatized and start associating food with pain. In the result, soon afterwards it dies from hunger. On the other hand, a cat caught in the wild can escape from our house at the first opportunity.

Team Meat is known for its gloomy ideas and black humour and both of these elements can also be found in Mew Genics. Therefore, among the possible diseases there are e.g. narcolepsy or AIDS cats. If we run out of money for the treatment of patients, we can ultimately pack cats into cryogenic chambers, where they await an improvement in our financial situation. The least cautious players may even be arrested by the local animal control police and their owners.

Equally unusual is the Mew Genics' visual setting. The authors opted for black-and-white and two-dimensional graphics. All cats are made up of multiple parts and the engine allocates them in a way that makes it virtually impossible to see two identical animals.

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Last updated on 16 November 2022

Game mode: single player  

Expectations: 9.0 / 10 based on 59 votes.

Age restrictions Mewgenics: 12+

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