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MU Archangel (iOS cover
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MU Archangel

MU Archangel is an MMORPG which is a mobile spin-off of the popular title known from computers. The game offers a lot of content and several different character classes. It was developed by Webzen Inc.

RPG | fantasy | hack'and'slash | play for free | MMORPG | Isometric view | MMO | action RPG

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developer: Webzen Inc. publisher: Webzen Inc. Official website

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MU Archangel is a mobile spin-off of the well-known MMORPG MU Online. The game belongs to the same genre as its computer predecessor and offers a large world and several different character classes. It was developed and published by Webzen Inc.


In MU Archangel we observe the action from an isometric perspective. The game is quite a typical MMORPG. We start the game by choosing the character - players have a few different classes at their disposal, such as Dark Knight, Dark Wizard or Elf. Gameplay is based on exploring locations, fighting monsters, completing quests and gaining more powerful items and skills.

In addition to the regular content, players also have at their disposal the world bosses or dungeons, which we go through in the company of other people. Among them we can find the classics known from MU Online - such as Blood Castle, Devil Square, Ancient Battlefield or Chaos Castle - as well as completely new places. There's also content that will please PvP fans - mainly the battles between guilds.

The game also offers several new features and possibilities, such as upgrading items without the risk of destroying them (compared to MU Online, we also have more ways to improve our equipment), or trading/exchanging equipment with guild members and other players thanks to the auction house.

Game modes

In MU Archangel we can only play with other players. The core of the game is the network multiplayer mode prepared with a large number of players in mind.

Technical aspects

MU Archangel has a 3D graphic setting which makes a good impression, especially for a game developed with mobile devices in mind. The graphics are characterised by a spectacular style and a slightly manga style, typical of many Asian productions.

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

App size:

Age restrictions MU Archangel: 12+

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