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Neo Cab (PC cover
Game Box forNeo Cab (PC)

Neo Cab

Unusual mix of visual novel adventure with survival in cyberpunk climates. We play the last human carrier in a city dominated by cars driven by artificial intelligence, trying to keep working through conversations with passengers and gain time to find a lost friend.

Adventure | cyberpunk | science fiction | visual novel | indie games | experimental/art

Neo Cab is an unusual combination of a visual novel narrative game with a survival game using cyberpunk setting. This is the first project of Chance Agency, an indie developer consisting of people previously working on such productions as Firewatch, Reigns: Her Majesty and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.


The action of Neo Cab takes place in the near future in the fictional city of Los Ojos. The passenger transport market has been completely dominated by Capra, which uses vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence. One of the last human drivers is Lina Romero, which cooperates with Neo Cab and specializes in transporting people who are not on hand to use the monitored Capra Cars. The protagonist tries to earn a living and keep her out of trouble but is worried about the disappearance of her friend Savy, who got herself in trouble.


The gameplay in Neo Cab is an unusual combination of narrative adventure and survival. You won't find typical puzzles, collect objects or manage raw materials in an unfriendly environment. The game focuses on dialogues with passengers by selecting one of the dialogue options available at a given moment. Our task is to select the passengers and talk to them in such a way as to gain positive opinions and not to damage the mental health of Lina. This will allow the heroine to keep her job, which in turn will give her time to continue searching for Savy. During the course of the game, we have to be cunning and show empathy both at the same time - the characters using NeoCab services are not typical clients. Each of them has its own story and motivations, which are not without influence on the heroine.

Technical aspects

Like typical visual novel productions, Neo Cab uses mainly more or less static shots. We spend most of our time in a car that travels through a three-dimensional cyberpunk city. The creators used cel-shading technology to make the game look a little bit like a comic book.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Neo Cab: 12+

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