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A life simulator in which we take care of fantastical creatures. In Peridot we play, feed and teach tricks to the titular peridot, as well as traverse the world alongside them.

Simulation | play for free | domesticated | augmented reality | life Simulator | co-op

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developer: Niantic publisher: Niantic Official website

Peridot is a simulation game in which we take care of fantastical creatures. It was developed by Niantic, also responsible for such acclaimed titles as Ingress and Pokemon GO.


The titular main characters of Peridot are fantastical creatures, just awakened from a millenia-long slumber. They now need the help of humans to live safe and carefree lives.


The gameplay of Peridot revolves around taking care of the titular creatures. The Peridot vary in appearance, personality and abilities; they can resemble animals or be much more abstract. We must take full responsibility for them; playing with them, feeding them, teaching them tricks or taking care of their health, we watch them slowly grow and mature into adults.

The player can also introduce their Peridot to Peridot belonging to other players, even letting them breed to extend the species. Since all descendants inherit the genes (and thus the traits) of both their parents, each newborn Peridot is fully unique.

The game makes use of augmented reality, letting the player take their Peridot out for walks around the surrounding world. During these walks we can take photos, record videos or acquire useful items our pets can bring us.

Game modes

Although most of Peridot is spent alone alongside our pet, the game lets us play alongside other players, roaming the neighborhood together and watching Peridot enjoy each other's company.

Technical aspects

Thanks to AR technology, Peridot overlays the titular creatures on real-life images. The Peridot themselves are all cute and richly animated.

Last updated on 10 March 2023

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

App size:

Age restrictions Peridot: Good for all ages.

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