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Roguelands (PC cover
Game Box forRoguelands (PC)

Roguelands PC

A roguelike production in which players take on the role of Galactic Cadets wandering the planets in search of valuable raw materials before they fall prey to the monster known as the Destroyer.

RPG | science fiction | platform | roguelike | 2D | indie games

Roguelands Release Date PC




developer: SmashGames publisher: SmashGames

English language game language: English

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Roguelands is a game developed by independent studio SmashGames. Like the previous work of this team, i.e. Magicite, the title is a roguelike enriched with elements taken from platform games. The title was released on PC.


The action of Roguelands takes place in the far future. Earth's civilisation has reached such a high level of development that it has managed to open the gates to another dimension. Unfortunately, things got complicated when a creature known as the Destroyer, a giant monster devouring the cores of planets, crawled out of it. In the course of the game, the player takes on the role of a Galactic Cadet, whose task is to wander around the globe in search of valuable resources before they fall victim to the Destroyer. By saving the inhabitants of particular planets, he can broaden his knowledge about the game world.


In Roguelands we observe the action from the side. The gameplay is based on the formula characteristic for roguelikes. In the course of the game, we travel through various procedurally-generated worlds (which we discover ourselves aboard of a customizable spacecraft), fight enemies, perform various tasks and increase our combat potential, level up and gain more and more powerful equipment. An important role is also played by an extensive crafting system - we acquire the resources necessary to craft objects by employing droids capable of cutting down trees or extracting valuable minerals, and if necessary, also support us in clashes with opponents.

Battles take place in real time and we use not only a wide range of weapons (we expand it as the adventure progresses), but also an extensive set of active and passive skills provided by the so-called Combat Chips; special augmentations giving us, for example, the ability to teleport on the battlefield. The game implements a permadeath mechanism, but after the death of the hero we lose only his experience and equipment, which he had on him at the moment of death. The items we have stored on our ship can be used by another character, as well as the improvements we have made to our ship.

Game modes

Nothing stands in the way of playing Roguelands solo. However, the title spreads its wings while playing with other players in the co-op multiplayer mode.

Technical aspects

Like the aforementioned Magicite, Roguelands features simple pixel art visuals. Thanks to this, the developers managed to keep the hardware requirements at a low level.

Last updated on 18 December 2017

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Roguelands: Good for all ages.

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