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Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption (PC cover
Game Box forStar Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption (PC)

Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption PC

First official expansion for Star Wars: Empire at War developed by Petroglyph.

This is Star Wars: Empire At War expansion pack.

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Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption Release Date PC


developer: Petroglyph publisher: LucasArts Official website

English language game language: English

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Star Wars: Empire at War is a real-time strategy game that allows players to participate in a galactic conflict and choose one of the two available factions: either the Rebel Alliance, representing the Light Side of the Force, or the Galactic Empire representing the Dark Side of the Force. In the Forces of Corruption – a DLC for the 2006’s base game – we get to control one additional faction: the Underworld, which handles its business by taking advantage of pervasive corruption.


The campaign continues the story from the base game and follows the actions of one Tyber Zann, who uses the turmoil caused by the destruction of the first Death Star to implement his plans to become the most influential criminal in the entire galaxy, surpassing even Jabba the Hutt.


Tyber Zann stops at nothing in expand his underworld crime syndicate. Stealing funds, known from the base game, is just one of many ways in which the Underworld can sabotage other factions’ efforts. The organization led by Tyber Zann can also dispatch their spies and limit the production of enemy units. By taking control over the faction introduced by Forces of Corruption, players can witness Zann’s rise to power. By succeeding in battles against both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, players can satisfy Zann’s lust for power, eventually paving him the road to owning the most powerful super-destroyer in the entire galaxy: the Eclipse.

This expansion features new options for land skirmish battles, thus the players can now customize and upgrade their base structures and engage in guerilla warfare against their enemies. All factions have received some new units, such as Rebel B-wings, Imperial TIE interceptors, and Darth Vader's Executor Super Star Destroyer, while the new, improved Death Star is able to eliminate the biggest of the enemies’ units with only one shot.

Last updated on 21 November 2014

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Media type: 1 DVD

User score: 8.5 / 10 based on 642 votes.

Pre-release expectations: 9.5 / 10 based on 24 votes.

PEGI rating Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.

Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • Pentium 4 2 GHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • graphic card 64MB (GeForce 4 or better)
  • 2.5 GB HDD
  • Windows 2000/XP
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