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Super Stardust Portable (PS5 cover
Game Box forSuper Stardust Portable (PS5)

Super Stardust Portable

Portable version of Super Stardust HD, which was released on PlayStation 3 in 2007. Players take on the role of a space fighter pilot, eliminating asteroids and alien ships appearing on the board.

Arcade | science fiction | Space | reeditions/remasters/remakes | shoot 'em up | PlayStation exclusive titles | PS Plus Premium

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Super Stardust Portable is a portable conversion of Super Stardust HD, which was released in 2007 on PlayStation 3. The production is a classic shoot 'em upem, in which the action was presented in three dimensions. The development of the port and the original version of the game is the responsibility of a small Finnish development studio, Housemarque, specializing in titles for PlayStation platforms.

The basic assumptions of the game have remained practically unchanged from the PlayStation 3 version. We play as a pilot of a futuristic fighter, dealing with the elimination of asteroids appearing on the screen and alien ships, threatening the safety of the five planets, which we will defend during the game. Each planet is one chapter of the campaign, which is divided into five smaller missions. In the last of them we have to beat the barefoot.

The asteroids hit by the player disintegrate into smaller pieces, which of course should be avoided. Destroyed asteroids leave a variety of bonuses to unlock better energy shields, more powerful bombs, upgrades for standard weapons, and extra lives.

The player has to choose between three basic weapons. This plays a very important role, as each of the asteroids on the map is particularly sensitive to attacks from a specific weapon. It is therefore necessary to adjust the weaponry on an ongoing basis to the emerging obstacles. Players can also use a special skill called boost, which allows them to break through the attacked asteroid and a host of enemies.

It is worth noting that the PSP game port has a modified control model, due to the lack of a second analog knob in the console. The changes also affected the game's graphics, which had to be simplified compared to the equivalent of PlayStation 3.

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Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Super Stardust Portable: Good for all ages.

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