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Game Box for The Witcher Battle Arena (AND)

The Witcher Battle Arena

An online battle game attempting to create a MOBA game in The Witcher universe. The title was developed by Fuero Games in cooperation with the team at CD Projekt RED.

Strategy | fantasy | MOBA | Isometric view | RPG elements | Polish

The Witcher Battle Arena cover

developer: CD Projekt RED

publisher: CD Projekt RED

Official website

Game mode: multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

game release date:

Development of the game The Witcher Battle Arena have been suspended and will not be continued.




After a huge worldwide success of The Witcher series, the producer Polish studio, CD Projekt RED decided to create a spin-off which is a Massive Online Battle Arena a genre that becomes increasingly popular on mobile platforms. The Witcher Battle Arena for AND, iOS and WP was developed in cooperation with Fuero Games and is distributed in free-to-play formula. It means that the game itself is available at no charge, although, thanks to the built-in micropayments system, the players can buy additional content such as, for example, special character clothing.


The action is set in the original fantasy universe Andrzej Sapkowski has created for the sake of the Witcher book saga. Therefore, in the game, we meet such famous characters as Filippa Eilhart, the sorceress; Iorweth, the elf; Zoltan Chivay, the dwarf; and, of course, Geralt of Rivia. Each character possesses unique abilities; in combat, they use items available in a special store. Between subsequent battles, they can not only be developed in terms of statistics but also equipped with better equipment which is received at random once a match is concluded.

Similarly to typical MOBA games, two teams of 3 players are pitted against each other. However, no auxiliary creatures take part in matches. Thanks to this solution, as well as the maps that are smaller than usual, rounds are shorter their duration does not exceed 10 minutes. 

Game modes

The Witcher Battle Arena for AND, iOS and WP offers a couple of game modes. One of the basic variants is Conquest in which we fight for three magic obelisks that are located in various places. In the corners of every map, there are special supply points that allow the players to replenish their supply of stunning bombs and magic potions.

Technical aspects

The Witcher Battle Arena for AND, iOS and WP offers high-quality visuals, even by mobile standards. The graphics are fully three-dimensional and battles are observed from an isometric camera.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

Obscure Witcher Games No One Heard About
Obscure Witcher Games No One Heard About

article 26 May 2020 12:58

A side-scroller, a League of Legends-style MOBA, a browser-based battle game the story of the digital Witcher encompasses much more titles than we usually think, many of them forgotten despite the great success of the Wild Hunt.

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