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Halo Infinite Guide

Halo Infinite Guide

Master Chef Halo Infinite guide, contains full walkthrough, Beginner's Guide, all the collectibles, secrets and endings. Best tips for combat, vehicles, exploration and multiplayer mode as well as description of all achievements and system requirements.

Last update: 10 December 2021

Our guide to Halo Infinite can be considered as a compendium for the 343 Industries game. Information in the guide will help you to complete the campaign and learn all its secrets, as well as unlock 100% of the available achievements.

Most of the space in our guide is occupied by the detailed walkthrough of the campaign. We focused on describing the mission objectives, and also discussed in detail all the difficult battles, including the boss fights. You will also find out whether Halo Infinite has more than one ending.

The next chapter deals with the secrets and collectibles which can be found in the campaign. We inform you about the available types of collectibles and where to look for them. This chapter will help you complete the story mode in 100 percent.

We have also prepared a chapter dedicated to the basics. It mainly includes a beginner's guide for players who are new to Halo Infinite. In addition, you will find various hints and tips for, e.g. combat, using vehicles, multiplayer modes, or world exploration. Another important chapter is the FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions. You'll find out, e.g. how to save the game, does the game has fast travel and how big is the game world.

The main chapters of the guide are complemented by a number of smaller ones. We have prepared an extensive Achievement guide to help you get 100% of the achievements. The appendix has pages dedicated to, e.g. the controls, PC system requirements, and information on how long is the campaign in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite: Quick beginner's guide

  1. We recommend starting on the normal difficulty level. It is not overly easy - some battles may even require several approaches. You can change the difficulty level.
  2. Use different weapons. You will be able to attack from different distances. Weapons should also use different types of ammo/energy.
  3. Use the Grappleshot. This gadget is very useful in various situations. You can use it to, e.g. pull yourself towards opponents, grab shelves, jump over precipices or even steal enemy vehicles.
  4. Do not ignore the side activities on the map. In addition to typical collectibles, you can also come across, e.g. locations with valuable rewards or unique items. All of this will come in handy.
  5. Be on the move at all times. Every time you stop, you make Master Chief an easy target. The hero can then quickly lose the shield and die.
  6. Scan the area. The scanner can find interactive devices, as well as various items. It's very helpful in finding new weapons or collectibles.

More hints and tips can be found on the Beginner's guide page.

Halo Infinite: Skulls

The Skulls are the most important variety of secrets in the game - we devoted to them a separate chapter of the guide. It contains information about what the Skulls are and how to activate them, as well as where to find individual Skulls.

  1. Boom, 1st Skull (Warship Gbraakon)
  2. Cowbell, 2nd. Skull (Foundation)
  3. Mythic, 3rd skull (The Command Spire)
  4. Grunt Birthday Party, 4th skull (Repository)
  5. Bandana, 5th skull (Silent Auditorium)
  6. Thunderstorm, 6th Skull (open world)
  7. Fog, 7th Skull (open world)
  8. Blind, 8th Skull (open world)
  9. IWHBYD, 9th Skull (The Tower)
  10. Famine, 10th Skull (open world)
  11. Black Eye, 11th Skull (open world)
  12. Catch, 12th Skull (open world)

Halo Infinite: Walkthrough

Our guide to Halo Infinite has a walkthrough for all the stages of the campaign mode. The walkthrough for each stage informs how to complete it, how to solve puzzles, where are the mission objectives, and how to defeat opponents (including the bosses).

Main missions

  1. Banished Warship Gbraakon
  2. Foundations
  3. Outpost Tremonius
  4. Recovery
  5. The Tower
  6. Excavation Site
  7. Conservatory
  8. Spire
  9. Pelican Down
  10. The Sequence
  11. Nexus
  12. Command Spire
  13. Repository
  14. The Road
  15. House of Reckoning
  16. Silent Auditorium - the walkthrough includes the final boss fight and the ending

Additional missions

  1. Important targets - this page lists all 15 targets
  2. Banished Outposts - the page lists all 7 outposts

Halo Infinite: Secrets and collectibles

The Secrets and collectibles chapter has information about all the unique items that you can find in the campaign. We inform you where to look for individual secrets, as well as whether they have any additional uses.

  1. Basic information about secrets

All secrets - Ringfall

  1. Banished Warship Gbraakon
  2. Foundations
  3. Outpost Tremonius

All secrets - Lockdown

  1. Ransom Keep
  2. Tower
  3. Mjolnir Armory and Spartan Cores
  4. Propaganda towers

All secrets - Connections

  1. Redoubt of Sundering
  2. Forge of Teash
  3. Armory of Reckoning
  4. Excavation Site
  5. Horn of Abolition
  6. Propaganda towers
  7. Mjolnir Armory and Spartan Cores

All secrets - Graveyards

  1. Pelican Down
  2. Propaganda towers

All secrets - Reformation

  1. Riven Gate
  2. Annex Ridge
  3. The Sequence
  4. Nexus
  5. Propaganda towers
  6. Mjolnir Armory and Spartan Cores

All Secrets - Act Reckoning

  1. Repository
  2. House of Reckoning

Spartan Audio Logs

  1. Evacuation
  2. Ringfall
  3. Reverie
  4. Retaliation
  5. Scattered

Other secrets

  1. Forerunners artifacts

Halo Infinite: Basics

The Basics chapter has various tips and tricks for both the campaign and the multiplayer mode. This knowledge will help you to start your adventure with Halo Infinite.

  1. Difficulty levels
  2. Cheats
  3. Combat, weapons and ammunition
  4. Forward Operating Bases - FOB
  5. Upgrades - new gadgets
  6. World exploration
  7. Completing the campaign in 100%

Halo Infinite: FAQ

The FAQ section of the Halo Infinite guide has answers to frequently asked questions related, e.g. to different gameplay mechanics or topics requiring additional explanation.

  1. Knowing the Halo series - is it required?
  2. Free to play - is the game free?
  3. Valor - how to obtain?
  4. Saving - can you save?
  5. Warthog - how to unlock?
  6. Enemy vehicles - can you steal?
  7. Falling into pits - how to avoid?
  8. Grappleshot - how to use?
  9. Aircraft - how to get?
  10. New weapons - how to acquire?
  11. Open world - how to unlock?
  12. Fast travel - how to unlock and use?
  13. Invisible enemies - how to eliminate?
  14. Melee weapons - are they in the game?
  15. Hunters - how to defeat?
  16. Death - how to die less?
  17. Post-game - is it available?

Halo Infinite: Bosses

During Halo Infinite's campaign, Master Chief will face various bosses. The hardest boss fights are described on separate pages of the guide.

  1. Tremonius
  2. Chak 'Lok
  3. Bassus
  4. Adjutant Resolution
  5. Tovarus and Hyperius
  6. Jega 'Rdomnai
  7. Escharum
  8. Harbinger - final boss

Halo Infinite: Achievements

The Achievements chapter in our guide to Halo Infinite has information about the requirements of the achievements. We also inform how to get the achievements easily and how to get 100% of the achievements.

  1. Campaign achievements - list
  2. Nosebleed achievement
  3. Bring Shiela Home Safely achievement

Halo Infinite: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 RS5 64-bits (Windows 10 Redstone 5 from October 2018 or later required)
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1 GHz/AMD FX-8370 4.0 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: 4 GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/Radeon RX 570
  5. Disk space: 50 GB
  6. Internet connection: required for the multiplayer mode

The above configuration is for the minimum PC system requirements of Halo Infinite. The System requirements page also includes the recommended and ultra requirements.

The Optimizing graphics settings on PC page has tips on how to improve Halo Infinite's performance, i.e. how to get more fps while maintaining acceptable graphics quality.

Halo Infinite: Game's length

Completing Halo Infinite's campaign should take you up to 15 hours, assuming that you won't start playing on any of the higher difficulty levels. Exploration of the Zeta Halo, optional activities, and search for collectibles can increase the game time by about 10 hours. More information on how long it takes to beat Halo Infinite can be found on the Game's length page.

Halo Infinite: Language versions

Halo Infinite has 14 different language versions. More information about them can be found on a separate page - Language versions.

About Halo Infinite Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Halo Infinite Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: 343 Industries
  • publisher: Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft Studios
  • platform: PC, XONE, XSX

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