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News video games 19 April 2023, 14:08

author: Adam Celarek

Grim City Builder Rated at 95% Positive Reviews on Steam is Now Cheaper Than Ever

A Polish game about building a city is currently discounted on Steam. This is a great time to get interested in this unusual and highly rated title.

City builder Against the Storm, released late last year, now available with a record discount on Steam. This fact, coupled with the game's very positive reception, prompts interest in this intriguing mix of strategy game and roguelite.

The game is currently available 25% off. After the reduction, its price on Steam is around $15.. The offer ends on April 27.

  1. Against the Storm on Steam

Hostile Environment

In the game by the Polish studio Eremite Games, we play the role of a governor, who has been entrusted with the mission to develop areas overrun by wildlife. The settlements managed by the player, along with the capital known as Burning City, are the last hold of civilization facing the eponymous storm.

The gameplay based on the expansion of a functioning network of settlements and the fight against hostile environment has been enriched with elements associated with roguelite games.. Numerous modifiers and the recurring threat of the storm influence the shape and character of the world, providing constant challenge and fresh fun.

Warm reception from players

As proven by SteamDB, Against the Storm has been warmly received by the gaming community. The game boasts an average number of active users of about 3,000 people. At its peak it was even 8 thousand concurrent players.

The positive reception of Eremite Games' work is confirmed by the reviews of Steam users.:

"An original approach to the genre of city builders - a combination of construction and roguelike that works... surprisingly fantastic! You can confidently expect that this will be one of the better games of the genre, which is not another clone or rehash, but brings new ideas and solutions to the topic."

"Quite enjoyable. Despite having played for almost 10 hrs, I don't feel that the game is repetitive, which is what I feared the most. I'm still discovering something new, so I'll play some more."

Further development

Although the game remains in early access, the developers are eagerly adding more features and content. Last week, a new fox-like race came to the game as part of the Sentinels of the Forest update.

  1. Eremite Games - official website

Adam Celarek

Adam Celarek

He has been interested in video games since an early age. He graduated film studies and new media, and defended his thesis on ludology. He started working at Gamepressure in early 2023. He is primarily a guide writer. Enthusiast of RPGs, unconventional indie games and competitive e-sports titles (mainly brawlers and MOBAs). In addition to games, he's also interested in table-top role-playing games and collectible card games. A fan of old-school technology and retro style!


Against the Storm

Against the Storm

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