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News video games 22 July 2021, 14:35

author: Czarus

New RTS Modeled After Age of Empires and They Are Billions Coming Soon

Age of Darkness: Final Stand, an RTS that looks like a combination of Age of Empires and They Are Billions with intriguing fog-of-war mechanics will soon appear on Steam.


  1. Age of Darkness: Final Stand will be released this fall in Early Access, the period of which is expected to last at least a year;
  2. In the game we will defend our settlement against hordes of enemies;
  3. The game intrigues with an interesting fog of war concept and introduces day and night mechanics;
  4. At launch only a survival mode with procedurally generated map will be available.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a new game from the Australian studio PlaySide, which so far was known mainly from mobile and VR titles. The game will debut this fall in Steam's early access. Age of Darkness is an RTS, which at first glance brings to mind They Are Billions and Age of Empires. The game promises to be a traditional experience, but it will include some mechanics unique to the genre.

The game presents a standard story. We are taken to a fantasy world, which is threatened by a great danger and our task is to stop it and save humanity. In the struggle we'll be helped by heroes, which we can develop. The core of the game resembles a classic RTS - we develop the settlement, train units and fight enemies.

An interesting treatment is the introduction of day and night mechanics. When the sun appears in the sky, we can calmly develop the settlement and explore the map. Darkness, however, will bring the invasion of enemy hordes. Developers boast that the game will be able to generate up to 70 thousand enemies at once..

The developers also can't be denied an interesting idea for the fog of war. It will not be a traditional curtain covering a part of the map. It's supposed to have a negative impact on our units, and even gradually deprive them of life. The only effective way to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the fog will be to light up the area.

Along with the fall release, the developers will provide a survival mode with procedurally generated maps. With time, fans can also expect a campaign and further development of the game in cooperation with the community. The earliest date at which we can expect the full release is next year. Currently, it is not yet known how much the title will cost - its price, however, will increase with the end of early access period.

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Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Age of Darkness: Final Stand

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