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News video games 31 December 2020, 17:13

author: Adrian Werner

Age of Empires 4 Already Playable; Testing and Polishing is Underway

Work on Age of Empires IV is said to be nearing its end. The creators have revealed that the project is fully playable. Currently, Relic Entertainment is mainly focused on testing the game.

The official website of the Age of Empires series published an article summarizing the most important events of the passing year. We were most interested in the segment devoted to the next installment of the series. Thanks to it we found out that Age of Empires IV is now fully playable. Currently, the game is being intensively tested, and the devs at Relic Entertainment are focusing on fine-tuning the project.

It follows that work on AoE4 is slowly coming to an end. We can expect that in the coming months the creators will increasingly share video materials from the game. We hope that the launch will take place in 2021.

What's interesting, Microsoft has made it clear that Age of Empires 4 is not the only new project from this IP that is planned. Unfortunately, no details have been revealed. It is worth noting, however, that over the last few years all previous installments have been refreshed. So most likely it's not about another remaster/remake. So can we count on Age of Mythology 2? It's possible, although it's also possible that something completely new is being prepared.

Age of Empires IV is not the only attraction that fans of the series can count on next year. The devs are also working on the first DLC for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, titled Lords of the West. The expansion will offer two new civilizations, three campaigns and additional technologies and units. The expansion is already in the pipeline and will debut on January 27, 2021.

We can also exepct updates with new content to Age of Empires 2: DE and recently released Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. The developers treat both games as live services and intend to consult their further development with the fan community.

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Age of Empires IV

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