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News video games 26 May 2023, 10:54

author: Jan Kopacz

Alan Wake 2 Looks Phenomenal and has an Official Release Date [UPDATE]

The PlayStation Showcase featured Alan Wake 2. The survival horror sequel from Remedy looks phenomenal and finally has an official release date.


Sam Lake from Remedy informed via Twitter that during the Summer Game Fest show (June 8) a gameplay from Alan Wake 2 will be presented. At the same time, the press is to be shown a longer, "raw" gameplay fragment.

Original message (May 24)

Sony's PlayStation Showcase presentation brought the moment that fans of Remedy had been eagerly awaiting. During the showcase, we were able to see a new trailer for Alan Wake 2, the sequel to the iconic 2010 survival-horror game.

  1. The trailer looked spectacular, enabling us to see both in-engine cutscenes and gameplay fragments.
  2. The trailer shows that this time in the campaign we will not only be playing as Alan. There will also be sequences in which we will play the role of an FBI agent investigating a case of mysterious murders.
  3. The trailer also revealed the game's release date. Alan Wake II will be released on October 17, this year.

A series of ritualistic murders threatens Bright Falls, a small town community surrounded by the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Anderson, an accomplished FBI agent known for solving impossible cases, arrives to investigate a certain murder. Soon the situation begins to turn into a nightmare. In some unexplored way, all clues seem to lead to Alan Wake, a horror writer who disappeared 13 years ago.

As the devs maintain, in Alan Wake 2 will not require the knowledge of the events of the first part.

"It was important for us to create an accessible experience for new players, without forgetting our long-time fans," reads the announcement from Remedy.

In addition, the developers argue that during the creation of the sequel it was very important for them to respect the basic principles of survival horror - they were to make the gameplay challenging for experienced players, while easy for those who want to focus on enjoying the game's rich story layer.

Some of you may have missed this detail, but at one point in the above footage, none other than Sam Lake - the developer from Remedy who portrayed the iconic Max Payne years ago - appeared on screen.

It's worth mentioning that the trailer only informs of the PlayStation 5 version, but that's only because the footage was shown at a Sony event. In fact, it has already been known since last year that the game will also be released on PC and Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles.. The publisher will be Epic Games.

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